What is the best email marketing strategy for 2021

We know that our clients email marketing strategy requires both large and small email database deployments, during strategic times and be delivered to both local and international audience groups. As a premium Sydney Digital Marketing Agency we’ve partnered with the best email marketing platforms to ensure our clients achieve the premium in email marketing results.

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January 21, 2021

COG Digital Agency Sydney are experts in Email Marketing trends for 2021. Our clients use us for their email marketing campaigns as our methodologies use strategy, innovation, technology, copywriting and savvy graphic design to ensure all our EDM’s are turbo charged for the highest in open rates and click through rates.

We know that our clients email marketing strategy requires both large and small email database deployments, during strategic times and be delivered to both local and international audience groups. As a premium Sydney Digital Marketing Agency we’ve partnered with the best email marketing platforms to ensure our clients achieve the premium in email marketing results.

Email marketing for any brand or business needs to be affordable, communicate clearly, and reach the recipients inbox – THAT is key. While most email marketing platforms and softwares do their job, success largely depends on how well your email database is built.

Most email marketing software provides integration to your website and would provide some time of data and traffic measurements via analytics. Here you will immediately see the success or failure of your database and your recipients, and whether or not the email campaign went to spam or had a great CTR.

When a brand or business considers promoting service and product offers through email marketing, you’ll first need to consider if you build your email marketing database from scratch, or do you source a email marketing list from an online email marketing list broker.

Some brands and businesses need immediate results, and don’t have the time to develop a mailing list so they engage a email database broker to supply their leads. Smaller brands and or more patient businesses sometimes start with opt in leads from day one and nurture this audience, building a quality list through website traffic and networking.  (Note: COG Digital Email Marketing Experts, we suggest looking at 1000 addresses as a minimum for a campaign. This excludes direct sign ups from your website).

Regardless of the approach to building your Email Marketing Database, it’s important for you to collect email addresses from as many touch points as possible, starting with your website where you can start growing subscribers organically. Genuine Email Marketing leads are considered one of the most intimate digital marekting connections and are more valuable than other types of connections. Email Marketing is still of value as the audience has actually searched for your brand and businesses information before, and, personally opted in to your communications.

There are some top tips that attract email subscribers to opt in to your brand and businesses mailing lists.

Email Marketing Strategy Tip – Write keyword-based content. 
When you tap into and discover your industry’s most common searched key phrases (refer to Google SEM and Google Analytics) and write long-form content in the form of news posts, blogs, social media content and downloadable factsheets based on those common searched key phrases.

Email Marketing Lead Generation Tip: Ask for an email address prior. 
Give or take this, its different every time, and because of this many digital marketers are divided on this subject. But with a ton of content out there, sometimes putting your content behind a gate can increase it’s value perception. If you’re digital content is really worth reading it won’t damage your brand to ask for an email address to allow access and before the lead can download the content. When a portion of your digital marketing content exclusive will incentivise the subscription.

Email Marketing Campaign Circulation Tip: Ask for a forward. 
Most brands need to be really honest here, if your Email Marketing content is providing true valuable information then your audience and subscribers will be more than willing to share it with their family, friends and work colleagues.

The Critical Element to Successful Email Marketing Design is To Make Sure It Gets Opened!

There are some keywords that will boost your email open rates, and COG Digital Agency know from experience that when these are included in Email Marketing Campaigns they work! One of the biggest obstacles to successful email marketing campaigns is getting your audience to do the Almighty CLICK open! Open rates are one thing, clicks are the holy grail.

Expect your recipients email boxes to be peppered daily with emails, and overflowing with promotional offers, real letters from connections, correspondence from people wanting bills paid and tons of the dreaded spam, which all makes increasing your open rate that little bit harder and a click like gold. One of the keys to the city here in convincing your recipients to take action is all in the subject line.

There has been extensive studies on the highest performing keywords that email marketers use to positively and negatively influence open rates. Below is a summary that will give you some intelligence that you can use in your own email marekting campaigning.

Email Marketing Strategy For Business To Business (B2B) Emails
Don’t leave your subject line to the intern or the junior, its very important. Email subject lines are the true top of the body for your email marketing campaign. Sometimes they are neglected when developing B2B content. Using a clever selection of these words into a engaging and dynamic heading could positively improve your email marketing campaign results.

  1. Breaking 35.4% variance on open rate.
  2. Alert 32.9% variance on open rate.
  3. Editor 28.7% variance on open rate.
  4. Update 26.8% variance on open rate.
  5. News 20.5% variance on open rate.

Email Marketing Strategy For Business To Consumer (B2C)
For B2C email marketing campaigns, the best subject lines are descriptive, succinct and deliver your audience a core reason to continue on reading. Often Business To Consumer digital marketers will try to get cut through within the inbox adding BANG and BLAST gimmicks – but these will get sent to junk or delete all too often. A key tip to positively improve open rates for Business To Consumer’s is to be crystal clear about what your audience will discover in the guts of the email.

  1. Update 29.0% variance on open rate.
  2. Video 27.6% variance on open rate.
  3. Review 27.1% variance on open rate.
  4. Special 12.2% variance on open rate.
  5. Exclusive 11.3% variance on open rate.

Does your Email Marketing content deliver the goods?
You can think up the most hard hitting and stimulating subject line for your email marketing campaign but if your email marketing campaign content doesn’t deliver on the promises your brand and business are making, you’ll lose your audience trust, the heat, the cut-through. This simply points out that your audience demands you produce fresh, informative and dynamic content that your email recipients will put a value on.

Email Marketing needs to be monitored, understanding the success of each one of your brands deployed email campaigns you’ll quickly discover what content your target audience is digesting and eating up. It might be free how-to PDFs, images and infographics, how-to videos or instructions and cheat sheets. Regardless of what it is, it’s a simple yet effective idea to make the subject line spell it out and then serve up the quality content.

Email Marketing Content Does Have Words to avoid!
Email Marketing campaigns are sensitive operations, and as a leading Sydney Digital Marketing Agency, COG Digital understand this and offer the knowledge for a full through the line support. If your company discovers that your email marketing campaigns are suffering in metrics due to a poorly worded subject line, the quickly investigate and experiment, eliminate the words listed below from your Email Marketing subject line, and look to understand if your EDM  results are impacted.

  1. Forecast -34.0% variance on open rate.
  2. Newsletter -11.2% variance on open rate.
  3. Report -30.6% variance on open rate.
  4. Top Stories -11.2% variance on open rate.
  5. Latest -2.0% variance on open rate.

Some Needed Behaviours In Handling Email Marketing In 2021

Digital Marketing experts have been predicting the death of email marketing for a long time, though it still circulates through the satellites of digital marketing strategies. Email Marketing Campaigning is here to stay. It’s a cost effective form of brand marketing and when done correctly it forms a critical link in the chain of a businesses digital marketing strategy. But it’s critical for it to be executed as a sophisticated channel because without the tech savvy behind it, it’ll fail.

Considering the broader Digital Marketing stack of the organisation. Any clicks are like gold, especially if you want your SEM and remarking opportunities to be fully utilised. The high volume of emails hitting your customers and clients inboxes mean that it’s getting harder to achieve cut-through and the all-important engagement that we need.

Animation: Email Marketing Campaign Content needs to become more stimulating and engaging, and animation is a key tool for marketers to deliver their message graphically. Video is growing in popularity due to mobile device power but it’s not widely supported by many email clients, and the required link through to a webpage hosting the video will still deliver the optimal results.

Content: Email Marketing Campaign text content has become shorter and more conversational, carrying less long format within the email campaign itself. Mobile devices are now the most common device for viewing emails so it’s best to stick to shorter subject lines that are bite sized pieces of information that are quickly consumed.

Email Marketing Campaigns that are short – around 100 words – is known to increase engagement and lift response rates. Many of your recipients are short on time and don’t have the time nor inclination to read long emails – short sharp and neat will garner the best results.

Auto-responder Bots: Yes those little What’sApp styled apps that frequent many websites while your visit, these will also quickly turn an Email Marketing Campaign lead into a customer.

Mobile optimisation: Critical, EDM’s are mobile first. Smart phones and mobile devices are the most popular device for opening and reading emails. That makes responsive emails a must-have. Before deploying emails, test/view on a variety of devices and desktop email clients to ensure all is functional/ While you have 1000 in your database, it’s the one poor user experience that is that lead not converted. Call to action buttons need to be formatted for all phones and screaming “tap me”!. Email Marketing Design likes minimalist email templates as they tend to work best as opposed to while stylish graphics that push the message as an image.

If your brand or business needs help with your email marketing campaigns, optimising open and click through rates, contact COG Digital Email Marketing Experts, our Sydney Digital agency provides on-demand services for businesses and brands looking to get more from their EDM Campaigns and email strategies. Our team of inhouse digital marketers deliver first class digital marketing help for Aussie SME’s, and understand how critical it is to get a greater ROI for your marketing dollar.

We know you’re looking for a trusted professional lead generation expert that can manage strategic brand and business lead generation activity across various platforms.

Your lead generation agency needs to be affordable, communicate clearly, stick to broader strategies and company directions. Plus, you’d like to have regular calls and emails from your lead gen expert before you call them.

Our purpose is to create more time for business owners, and to nurture opportunities through to success. Over time it’s become apparent that our skills are in being able to provide value when others are not able – and this continues to remain at the core of the COG Branding purpose.COG Branding leads as a technology and small business consultancy and operates as a brand and marketing agency. Our team has a high digital literacy ensuring the solutions and services we supply small businesses and brands are the most appropriate for the business, the most innovative and commercially viable. Our Sydney Branding Agency has two primary functions. The first is to deliver dynamic consulting services to Australian small businesses, which includes the transfer of knowledge, advice and strategic processes that are purposefully built to make them more profitable, sustainable and enjoyable.The COG Branding structure ensures we are providing brand, marketing and technology solutions for Australian small businesses that are underpinned by true value.Our approach is in large part due to the robust structure of our broader business model. It’s COG Branding’s mandate to continually push hard and assist Australia in becoming more innovative, competitive and prosperous.COG Branding is human first. Great technology and software requires smart humans to guide and manage how they are implemented. Our delivery of digital solutions have smart people at the centre, orchestrating customized strategies that use a variety of applications to obtain efficiency and operate optimally for Australian small businesses. We offer both packaged products and customised services – because not all of our clients’ businesses are the same.We know you need a trusted professional brand and marketing agency to support your business. We’re focused on providing first class lead generation and digital marketing services, Where services are affordable, easy to understand yet deliver leads and perform well. With this clarity on our clients needs, our experienced trusted Sydney digital agency offers free quotes and consultations.COG Digital is an experienced and reliable Sydney Digital Marketing agency. We understand how to build brands via lead generation strategy and deliver viable commercial results. (+61 2) 9523 6007


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