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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

We know you need a trusted professional partner to get your business found online by the right customers.

Your digital marketing agency needs to be affordable, understand industry standards for lead generation and Search Engine Marketing. We know our clients need an Australian team to make phones calls, send emails and provide clear data and analytics on work performed to prove how we're growing their business.

COG Digital agency in Sydney provides intelligent SEM (Search Engine Marketing) solutions for small business and brands.

COG Digital is a Sydney digital agency, specialising in SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Our paid performance marketing experts understand that most high intent customers for most businesses will commence their own research, beginning with Google Search.

Search Engine Marketing works in unison with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), the yin and yang of digital marketing. Your website without traffic and high intent users is not ideal – Search Engine Marketing is the missing fuel as are high ranking pages and posts. As COG Digital is also a web development agency, we know at website launch the website will not get indexed at reach first page of organic Google search on page one immediately, thus a Search Engine Marketing campaigning will speed up the websites immediate short term results.

As a leading Sydney digital marketing agency COG Digital is a certified SEM advertising partner. This means that search engines officially recognise that the Search Engine Marketing services COG Digital supplies our clients is legitimate, trusted, follow best practice, have enough experience and are of consistent quality.

Our team follow the latest trends and keep up to date using tools like SEMrush, Google Search Console and Analytics to read data and understand what our activities are achieving for our clients. COG Digital have also invested heavily in providing customer service to their data and results by providing portals like COG Analytics so they can access their data 24/7. We integrate our digital marketing services and ensure our Content Marketing plans intersect with paid performance search initiatives.

The fine balance of human use and AI technology within real customer connections is always part of our SEM strategies and we’re continually following the latest trends at Google Search Central to stay up to date with Bard and language modelling (like Chat GPT).

As people spend more time online, and use Google as their primary starting location, paid search engine traffic will continually account for the majority of inbound traffic to websites. COG Digital SEM campaigns sees us focusing on pursuing keyword targeted traffic to our clients websites, building traffic that’s going to meet our clients online strategy and business objective. These are conversions such as an online purchase, an online booking, a referral to friends, subscribe to a database or even a phone call.

We know that Search Engine Marketing is a daily process and is one of the more technical marketing practices online today. Our commitment to this service sees our experts constantly monitoring, and adapting accounts and website parameters to continually bring in the highest quality traffic leads to our clients websites.

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