COG Digital is a full service Sydney digital marketing agency.

For over a decade our Australian team has provided thousands of businesses high value digital solutions for our ever-evolving world online.

Who we are

COG Digital is a 100% Australian owned and operated independent digital marketing agency. Our managing director Luke Sullivan is an active senior member of the team, closely supported by career professionals across the marketing disciplines of web development, digital marketing, search optimisation and IT.

Established as a reliable digital marketing agency with over a decade in business, we welcome new partnerships and look forward to solving new problems with our forward-thinking proprietary methods and dynamic open source products.

What we do

Our clients are at the centre of our decision making, a position which ensures our products and solutions remain competitive, relevant and high value. We know if we continue to deliver accurate and strategic solutions with this customer focus we’ll increase our clients brand equity, revenue and support a sustainable future for their business.

The COG Digital approach begins with learning, auditing and insight discovery before we push a pixel. The broader strategy is to help out clients create a digital ecosystem that flows in harmony. When we connect all digital assets and form a sophisticated network – marketing becomes efficient and autonomous. From experience we have learned that to survive all business will embrace efficiency and autonomy.

Whether it’s web development, paid marketing for lead generation, social media community engagement or pursuing SERP’s – the COG Digital goal is to combine brand power with intelligent technology to deliver our clients their customers intuitive and joyful online experiences.

Who we work with

COG Digital has worked with large multinationals through to small single sole trader operations. What remains a consistent theme throughout all our clients and partners is that the value our digital agency is able to provide remains our strength.

Traditionally our digital marketing agency suits small businesses and brands needing an affordable yet intelligent support partner to manage their digital assets and communications online. While our client base is distributed across many sectors we’re confident in knowing that most businesses require very similar support and advice – elements that allow them to operate efficiently, remain competitive, profitable and secure.

Located at Cronulla Beach in Sydney’s south, our digital marketing agency is always open to new conversations and relationships.


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