SEO and SEM Search Marketing

We know you need a trusted professional partner to get your business found online by the right customers.

Your digital marketing lead generation agency needs to be affordable, good at SEO and SEM, but overall deliver leads and perform. Plus, you’d like an Australian team to make phones calls, send emails and provide clear data and analytics on work performed.

  • COG Digital is an experienced and trusted Sydney digital marketing agency. Our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) performance is used by SME’s across Australia. (+61 2) 9523 6007


COG Digital Agency Sydney provides Advanced SEO and SEM Search Marketing Services.

Our Work Has Earned Us Search Partner Certification. Through performance search networks and affiliates we introduce businesses and their brand to their target audience. SEO and SEM Search Marketing is sometimes a technical and complicated area of website and online. Our Project Managers ensure that our clients get a comprehensive high level introduction first, and why SEO and SEM is important.

The key services for website traffic optimisation are known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and we treat this type of digital marketing like a science.

COG Digital is a Sydney based Australian digital agency. Our traffic experts understand that a website without traffic and users isn’t a good one. They know that if COG Digital builds the best website in the world for a client and there is no visitation, things will get ugly.

SEO and SEM Search Marketing

Plus, COG Digital is a certified SEO and SEM Advertising specialist partner. This means that search engines officially recognise that the SEO and SEM services COG Digital currently supplies our clients is legitimate and of quality. This means the COG Digital business and our clients online assets are healthy are happy and we use certified best practices.

Our team follow the latest trends and keep up to date with SEO gurus like Neil Patel. We use tools like Google Analytics to read data and understand what our activities are achieving for our clients. We also have sophisticated software to understand the digital landscape like SEM Rush, and for our content optimisation we use tools at Wordstream. What we know to be true, our SME clients need us for our human awareness and customer connections, they don’t care so much about the software and tools we use – on long as we deliver results.

As a certified SEO and SEM advertising specialist partner COG Digital stays up to date on the latest tools and products by passing administered certification exams every 12 months. We have proven success and it’s is what puts COG Digital as a Search Partner above the rest. We use industry best practices to manage campaigns and focus on helping our clients get the most out of their marketing budget.

Today Content Marketing is an integral part of traffic services and link building. COG Digital supply and extensive Digital Content service suite, and we introduce some of our clients to these products and services as they often bolster and support any SEO and SEM Search Marketing traffic building activity.

As people spend more time online, and use Google as their primary starting location, search engine traffic will continually  account for the majority of inbound traffic to websites. COG Digital SEO works and an SEM campaign sees us focusing on pursuing keyword targeted traffic to our clients websites, building traffic that’s going to meet our clients online strategy and business objective. These are conversions such as an online purchase, an online booking, a referral to friends, subscribe to a database or even a phone call.

The COG Digital methodologies are clean as a whistle. Our approach follows all the current rules and regulations for the industry. We assess search engines, keyword search terms and phrases, new and evolving search engine optimisation strategies, landing page structures for conversion and cost per acquisition goals.

We know that SEO Marketing is a daily process and is one of the more technical marketing practices online today. Our commitment to this service sees our experts constantly monitoring, and adapting accounts and website parameters to continually bring in the highest quality traffic leads to our clients websites.

Below is a breakdown of how COG Digital structure our services, this enables our clients to get the jump on jargon before we meet.


A focus on organically increasing your website’s search engine ranking for relevant keyword phrases to your business products and/or services.


A paid search model where you pay per click or per thousand impressions. This includes Google AdWords within the Search and Display networks.

COG Digital Agency Sydney SEO and SEM Search Marketing services includes on page optimisation, off page optimisation, monthly reporting. For a more detailed summary please call us today. COG Digital SEM services includes Google Adwords campaigns, online advertising via PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigning in search and display and shopping networks, SEM reporting.