Email Marketing

We know you’re looking for a trusted professional email marketing expert that can write, design, manage and deploy email marketing campaigns on a EDM platform like Mail Chimp, Campaign Monitor or Klaviyo.

Your email marketing agency needs to be affordable, communicate clearly, stick to calendars and know how to connect the email marketing software to websites and analytics. Plus, you want email campaigns to not go to spam and have a great CTR. And lastly, you want regular calls and reporting from your EDM professional.

  • COG Digital is an experienced and reliable Sydney Digital Marketing agency. We understand how to build brands and include Email Marketing in the broader company’s digital marketing stack. (+61 2) 9523 6007


COG Digital Agency Sydney are Experts at the Design, Deliver and Management of Strategic Email Marketing Campaigns.

COG Digital are experts in Email marketing. Our clients use us for their email marketing campaigns as our methodologies use strategy, innovation, technology, copywriting and savvy graphic design. We know that our clients email marketing campaigns are required to be deployed en-masse, at strategic times and be delivered to a sometimes global audience. COG Digital rely on our technology partners to ensure this happens.

We also know our clients need the campaigns to cut through, to be read, absorbed and reacted to. COG Digital support our clients by ensuring our email marketing campaigns have high response rates, we design them to be appealing, clickable, readable, to show up on all devices and to lead back to our clients websites to build all important inbound traffic.

eNews Marketing

Email Marketing as a digital communication method is a cost effective and powerful way to reach out to your audience. COG Digital are professionals in the management and design of low and high volume email marketing campaigns for clients needing to communicate their business and brand offer via email.

A well designed website which is optimised for email marketing builds your database of users, fans, loyalty base, customers and those interested in your offer. From there a brand and business can generate a creative email campaigns which can be a valuable supplement to any businesses broader marketing strategy.

Most websites that COG Digital develop, especially eCommerce Websites, are email marketing ready and have the technology built in. Our technology partners chime in with our websites ensuring a perfect UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience).

COG Digital are supported COG Strategy and COG Design. Having this support resource for for all our work ensures the best in Email Strategy and Email Design.