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Email Marketing

We know you’re looking for a trusted professional email marketing expert that can write, design, manage and deploy email marketing campaigns on your EDM platform, or ours.

Your email marketing agency needs to be affordable, communicate clearly, stick to calendars and know how to connect the email marketing software to websites and analytics. Plus, you want email campaigns to not go to spam, have your agency manage your DNS records, and have a great CTR. And lastly, you want regular calls and reporting from your EDM professional.

Traffic. Engagement. Results.

COG Digital activates brands, helping business communicate better with their customers. We build traffic, engage the audience, and demand results.

As a leading Sydney Digital Marketing Agency our focus is to provide the premium in digital marketing products, services and solutions for all types of businesses and brands in Australia. Our experience tells us that our clients first need the right digital marketing strategy for their business. This is a tailored strategy built around our clients reality. We know our clients are short on time, budget and resources – so our digital marketing advice is simple and easy to understand.

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