We are a Sydney based Digital Agency dedicated to developing exceptional ecommerce websites for all platforms and businesses. Trust The Small Business ecommerce specialists.

We’re a Small Business Sydney eCommerce Agency providing SME’s a suite of website eCommerce and digital development solutions optimised for affordability, performance and features.

Our eCommerce Services are focused on ensuring our clients online businesses provide their targeted consumers a premium and functional user experience on desktop, mobile and tablet.

Our approach to eCommerce is to deliver logical and appropriate transactional solutions specific to our clients users and target audience. We supply reliable, proven and secure eCommerce Solutions to all type of businesses requiring high-performance transactional solutions.

What is eCommerce?

Let’s begin with a general definition of ecommerce.

Ecommerce is short for “electronic commerce,” and is any business or commercial transaction conducted electronically.

Ecommerce is most well-known as the process of buying and selling physical or electronic items online. Some day-to-day examples of ecommerce include online retail shopping, auction sites like eBay, trading goods and services between corporations, and online banking.

Ecommerce can be broken into three subcategories:

Stores that sell physical products

These are your standard online retailers. These physical product stores include apparel stores, homeware businesses, and gift shops, just to give a few examples. Stores that sell physical goods showcase the items online and enable shoppers to add the things they like in their virtual shopping carts. When the payment is processed and the transaction marked complete, the store typically ships the orders to the shopper, though a growing number of retailers are implementing initiatives such as in-store pickup.

Service-based ecommerce

Services can also be bought and sold online. While there is a wide range of services offered online some examples are online consultants, educators, and freelancers. The buying process of services differs depending on the merchant. Some may allow you to purchase their services straightaway from their website or platform.

Digital products

Ecommerce is, by nature, highly digital, so it’s no surprise that many merchants sell “e-goods” online. Common types of digital products include ebooks, online courses, software, graphics, and virtual goods.

How Does eCommerce Work?

Ecommerce works with the use of payment gateways to secure the transfer of funds between buyers and sellers. Examples of payment gateways include Paypal, Paymate, eWAY, Stripe and more. With a COG Digital eCommerce Payment Transaction solution you’ll be able to supply your customers a secure and reliable shopping opportunity and be able to keep track of your business with real-time transaction reporting.

We know that credit cards are one of the most popular online payment methods because of the ease and convenience, and we’re stringent in our processes to protect the credit card details of our clients, customers and donors. We implement the services of MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa, and install security certificates with every eCommerce project.

When developing payment solutions for our clients we also consider that different credit card brands have varied transaction costs. We choose the most appropriate solution based on the business position, strategy and reality of the customers purchase amounts and volume of expected sales.

Why Choose eCommerce?

COG Digital believes that Ecommerce is beneficial for businesses in a few major ways:

  • It can reduce costs by limiting the expenses of owning and running a physical store.
  • It’s faster and more convenient than most traditional business transactions.
  • It can reach consumers in areas where geographical barriers would have prevented the expansion of physical retail locations.

Investing in ecommerce can also increase revenue: it allows businesses to reach more customers than physical locations alone, and also has big potential to influence more in-store purchases.

As ecommerce evolves, it’s important to keep an eye on ecommerce trends. Even if you’re a brick-and-mortar shop, you can still benefit from learning about ecommerce, since ecommerce is a good indicator of what consumers expect and want from their shopping experience.

Choosing The Right eCommerce Platform

COG Digital initially consult with our clients to make informed choices regarding the best eCommerce technology fit for your business, strategy and tactics, logistics, promotion and merchandising, inventory right through to tax and accounting management.

Our website developers and project managers understand each of our clients have unique eCommerce requirements – which is why we approach each and every website individually. Selling products, services, memberships and even taking commissions online are services that COG Digital know how to do.

Our eCommerce website developers are experienced in providing solutions such as Magento websites, Shopify websites and BigCommerce websites. Our eCommerce development team also provide eCommerce solutions for CMS platforms such as WordPress WooCommerce websites and Drupal websites.


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