What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do For Your Business

A Sydney Digital Marketing Agency should connect you brand to your business via a customised suite of digital strategy and brand marketing activities.

Digital Marketing Agency For Small Business

May 1, 2022

So, What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Actually Do?

COG Digital get asked this by clients everyday, which is great as it means the people calling us are in the right place and need our assistance.

Similar to a mechanic, people hire a motor vehicle mechanic to fix and maintain their car; Digital Marketers take care of all your technology and digital brand marketing requirements. You don’t try to fix your own car, and this is the same reason you shouldn’t try to fix your own website, Google Ads account or SEO ranking. Your job is to focus on running your business, that is what  is important!

A top rated Sydney Digital Marketing Agency (like COG Digital) should lead in with an evaluation of your website and brand touchpoints as to determine how your brand and business are positioned against your competition, and how your business is placed in its given industry. Digital Marketing Agencies will then build a customised digital strategy to ideally increase the performance of the brand and digital assets across the relevant platforms to ensure there is a noticeable increase in inbound leads to the business via phone calls, emails and website submissions, growth in brand equity, eventually lead to higher profits and more sustainable relationships.

What is a A Digital Marketing Strategy?
This should be seen as a plan of action built around your business’s core characters, objectives and the most important element – customers, to earn short and long term business goals. A great digital strategy should be highly detailed and provide a comprehensive summary of the most appropriate digital marketing platforms and channels that will deploy any digital marketing activities. The strategy should also provide details surrounding  tactics and subsequent performance management tools that will allow insight to be revealed from any digital marketing campaigning.

How Does Digital Marketing Campaign Deployment and Management Work With The Strategy?
The deployment and launch of any digital marketing campaign sits in a different realm to the strategy itself. There is mostly a different team that manages taking the strategy to the world, and again another team that translates what is happening back to you, the client. Digital Marketing campaigns for the most part are managed via a scrum-sprint methodology where the campaign runs relatively autonomously over the course of 2 to 4 weeks and ideally meets similar short term goals and benchmarks. Digital marketing campaigns can be social media performance marketing, email marketing, display retargeting campaigns – though they should all deliver back against the primary digital strategy and the broader business objectives.

COG Digital develop and manage all different kinds of digital strategy, and also provide a full service suite to the multitude of digital marketing campaign opportunities that exist in our digital world today. Read on to discover and learn more what a digital marketing agency does.

So, What is a Digital Marketing Agency?
In the scheme of industry it’s a relatively new version of a traditional Advertising Agency. A Digital Marketing agency differs from a traditional Ad Agency as a digital first agency will focus on the online environment only. And rightly so as it’s a complicated and specialist field. Digital marketing advertising is dedicated to generating enquiries for clients’ and products and services.

COG Digital Agency Sydney provides a suite of Digital Marketing Services that drives customers efficiently through the businesses digital assets.

What this means is that we’re tasked with ensuring that the customers we reach with our digital marketing campaigns also need to be given the most appropriate and efficient path to the information, products and services they are looking for, and then ensuring they convert into becoming a business customer and brand advocate of the business.

This is called a experience, along a journey path. And it’s this that a full service digital agency should be capable of providing you the client. While digital marketing campaigns involve targeted, measurable and interactive digital marketing activities, the journey path and subsequent UX is also key to the broader online experience – and it’s this that defines a good digital marketing agency from a great digital marketing agency!

Our Sutherland Shire Digital Marketing Agency considers all elements as this approach is essential in creating a sustainable foundation to your digital business. When a brand only focuses on one platform, the digital ecosystem is weak in other areas and this creates journey fragmentation. Below are the high level summary to the digital marketing disciplines that COG Digital provide a clients in any digital strategy with the goal of creating the perfect digital marketing ecosystem –

  • Email Marketing or Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) Marketing is a great owned media tactic and a key part of any sustainable brand strategy. Email Marketing allows the business to have a direct connection to the audience, customer and client. EDM refers to the use of emails to promote services, products and incentivise customer loyalty. If you are considering a Sydney Digital Marketing Agency to deliver first class digital marketing services then make sure it includes a Email Marketing  component. COG Digital produce strategic Email Marketing campaigns to keep you in contact with your established audience, keeping them engaged and in touch with your business.
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a form of advertising where an advertiser pays each time a user clicks on the ad, ultimately driving paid traffic to your website. Paid Ads have many different names, from Pay-Per-Click, AdWords, Google Ads, Bing Ads to simply paid results. As a leading Digital Ad Agency, we set up, run and optimise paid advertisements. The amount paid for the Ad space changes depending on how much other advertisers are willing to bid or pay for that exact same click.
  • Programmatic Advertising refers to buying advertising space on specific websites. As a leading Programmatic Ad Agency, we know how to maximise Programmatic services to get the best results. Depending on a campaign’s objectives and the target market, programmatic advertising uses relevant data to display advertisements to the right audience at the right time.
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) is both a paid marketing and organic marketing activity that takes place on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Social Media Marketing is defined as the promotion of products, services and content via a social media platform – again both paid and organic. COG Digital Agency Sydney is leading Social Marketing Agency and we ensure that social media strategy and social media activity is included in most of our digital marketing strategies. Our approach to social media marketing is to ensure the effort delivers building brand equity, brand awareness, increase user engagement and community awareness, and purse customer and audience retention. We do this via generating on-brand and tactical brand communications specific to social media platforms, such as short form creative content and engaging video media. A top quality digital marketing agency offering social media marketing would likely be a Facebook Business Partner, which is now under the Meta umbrella that supports both Facebook and Instagram social media platforms.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a complex and highly technical suite of activities specific to website traffic going to and from a website, the indexation of your website against search engines such as Google, and the quality score of your website content. SEO as a function will drive website visitation known as traffic, to your website. COG Digital are Owned Media experts and this is largely due to our reputation as a leading Sydney SEO Agency. Our digital strategies, like many other digital marketing agencies include SEO as a key pillar. A key element to our search engine optimisation (SEO) approach is to optimise our clients website’s content, plus the website code base. A optimised website will provide business a better chance of higher search engine results and often assist in offsetting and paid performance marketing.
  • Content Marketing is a key pillar to an Owned Media digital marketing strategy. Content Marketing is a focus towards the delivery and promotion engaging and innovative digital media original content that has a key function of attracting cutting through to your targeted consumers. A top tier digital marketing agency will likely provide Content Marketing within their broader digital strategy for your brand and business. There is another layer to content marketing that extends beyond general organic content. That is performance marketing content and is specific to paid marketing campaigning such as Google Ads or Social Media Ads, and is usually budgeted within the broader campaign up front. Performance content is likely going to be professional video or rich media that has a key objective to win new business and demands conversion from the paid marketing strategy that deploys it to market. COG Digital use performance content marketing in many of our campaigns as we’re a full service brand and marketing agency and like to utilise our full service suite within our clients campaigns. Our focus is to stimulate a reaction from a new audience and to penetrate new market opportunities for our clients brands. Content Marketing is a great digital marketing tactic to keep your audiences connected to products, services and general brand communications.

The COG Digital Marketing Agency approach is to ensure we implement this full suite of digital marketing disciplines into any digital strategy we provide our clients.

When the full ecosystem is set up, optimized and ready to nurture and drive campaigns, for the most part our job is done.  Most of the effort is in the set up and creation of channel sand platforms. A top Sydney digital marketing agency will ensure that all the different softwares and technologies are connected and talking to each other to provide accurate data and high performance campaigning.

The effort to create a first class digital marketing foundation for your business requires a lot of work – though it is an asset to the business and is a very useful tool that builds success via autonomous activities. Once everything is set up correctly, the work of ten people can be completed by technology. Thus it’s critical to engage a professional Sydney based digital marketing company to assist you achieve each of your business goals.

Why is Digital Marketing Important for Your Brand?

In our modern age most people are glued to a digital device of some description, and while much of what happens between a person and their handset – business is a core focus for many. Busy, on the go and short on time it’s key to meet this reality through tactical digital marketing efforts to make meaningful and purposeful connections that nurture and support business growth. Digital business is often the most ruthless and competitive environment a business can operate in. Regardless of business size or worth, if you are online you are competing. And that’s one of the key things a digital marketing agency does – helps your brand and business compete online. The best digital marketing agencies will provide you a professional Digital Marketing strategy, the best advice for content and the most sophisticated paid and organic digital marketing solutions.

What COG Digital Marketing Agency does is provide solutions that aim to optimise your business workflow and project management. When we provide this within our scope of services it then allows us to educate our clients on the next layer of complexity surrounding digital marketing activities. We know that our clients have high expectations and it’s our job as a leading Sydney digital marketing agency to achieve your business’s specific goals, generate new customer leads, and strengthen long lasting customer relationships that set up a sustainable future for our clients brands.

COG Digital has the experience and results to support our Digital Marketing efforts. We’re a top tier Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney that manages Digital Marketing strategy and campaigns that deliver first class results. When you partner with a Digital Marketing Agency, you should be able to benefit from the agencies highly sophisticated processes and methodologies from years of experience – and that is why hundreds of clients trust COG Digital with their digital marketing requirements.

As a digital marketing agency our service include astute reporting and ongoing traffic and analytics assessments that ensure our technology solutions are being maintained, paced and accurate day in and day out. What a digital marketing agency should do is set and forget their campaigns. COG Digital enable our clients to focus on their own business, whilst our Sydney digital marketing team is in support of the difficult and often technically challenging ecosystems of digital marketing for business.

If your brand and business is ready to get found online, perform and build some sustainability in its marketing efforts then contact COG Digital today. (02) 9523 6007. Free Briefing Here


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