The Ability To Provide A Superior Online Experience For Your Customers

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In this guide you’ll learn why you need to supply a superior online experience for your customers.

COG Digital Agency Sydney are experts in marketing. Our skilled professionals focus on building brand equity and ensure that campaigns deliver against our clients brand image.

What happens when customers have a bad experience? They stop doing business with a company and forget the brand.

A souring of the customer experience can take place at any point during their experience, which is why it’s imperative to get the consumer journey air-tight and squeaky clean.

Meeting (and exceeding) customer expectations calls for mapping out each of the steps that define the entire customer journey, highlighting not only the technologies needed to enable a smooth experience but also the numerous functions across the organization that must coordinate to deliver it. Brand is a promise, and business must honour it.

Marketing, sales, support, service and operations play key roles in most customer journeys. But there are other functions that are critical to delivering an A-Grade Customer Experience, such as order management and fulfilment.

Those are not typically the first thing that rise to the top in a weekly WIP for marketers, but the experiences enabled by these back-end systems are integral to the way a customer perceives a brand’s ability to deliver on expectations, and of course the brands promise.

Consider the technology and operations required for L’Oreal’s Makeup Genius app, which uses webcams to enable customers to try on different shades and styles of makeup, virtually. To this L’Oreal customer, it is a seamless and enjoyable brand experience. Though it is made possible by complicated technology that involves the code development of dozens of makeup shades, matching them to a near infinite suite of skin tones, and collecting analytics on customer types and who uses what shades, then tracking their levels of satisfaction after purchase.

The refining this matching process to improve the customer and user experience.

This two-way flow of information is an important element of modern digital marketing.

As a brand experience is delivered to the customer, there needs to be a carefully though out system to capture how that consumer has responded and then how the information is fed back into the organization, which then adjusts its offer or message accordingly.

Importantly, this feedback loop is not just about optimising the customer experience, it’s also about helping digital marketing stakeholders (ie: COG Digital) adjust campaign spending based on trends and opportunities.

We’ve found that best-in-class companies reallocate up to 80 percent of digital-campaign budgets during a campaign. This should be done reactively to take advantage of any opportunities that happen in real time.

Activate your business online and turbo charge the experience your users have with your company online. Download the free PDF Report below.

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