The 10 Most Expensive Google Keywords

It can be astonishingly expensive if you want to advertise using certain keywords using AdWords, Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform.

Why? Because certain keywords are super valuable.

Example: “Business Services”. If you want to target using these competitive keywords you’re looking a cracking $58.64, on average… per click!


So, whenever a person searches on Google for a keyword phrase such as “Business Services”, and clicks on a PPC Search Network Ad (which appear with the little green “Ad” label above and below Google’s organic search results), Google will charge that advertiser a fee of around $60 bucks.

Get 100 clicks on that ad per day (with very open advert settings) and this “Business Services” advertiser will pay about $6,000 per day. ($180,000 per month or $2.2 million per year).

To give you an idea, Google will serve up to 7 AdWords PPC adverts per page. Multiply the numbers above by 7 – just for Page 1 of Google’s results. Now think about Page 2, 3 etc, and the myriad of keyword searches. Bonkers right?!

Google sucked in more than $79 billion in advertising revenue in 2017. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) now seems very lucrative doesn’t it!

The 10 Most Expensive Google Keywords are as below*. This is how much it would cost advertisers, on average, who want to advertise on Google for these terms:

  1. Business Services: $58.64
  2. Bail Bonds: $58.48
  3. Casino: $55.48
  4. Lawyer: $54.86
  5. Asset Management: $49.86
  6. Insurance: $48.41
  7. Cash Services & Payday Loans: $48.18
  8. Cleanup & Restoration Services: $47.61
  9. Degree: $47.36
  10. Medical Coding Services: $46.84

Noting there are single keywords with an even higher CPC (cost per click) than these. This research was specifically looking at related keywords with extremely high costs per click on average. If you’re thinking about advertising on Google and the Search Network or Display Network, but are concerned about how expensive it seems to target keywords your business needs to focus on, just remember: these costs are the average and can be optimised.

So, For You What Does It Mean?

While the most expensive keywords – and the amount advertisers are charged per click – for the most part get all the attention, just remember that it’s not really the cost per click that matters, per se. More so it’s the cost per conversion that is most important and if that click turns into a sale or a long term customer.

COG Digital offer a full service Digital Marketing service suite that focuses on a broader range of online marketing opportunities other than just Google Adwords to ensure an effective approach for a business to market itself online is

Our Sydney Digital Agency can drive down the costs of your Google Adwords Campaigns and push conversion rates up to ensure great value and a high performing campaign.

How do we do this? By improving the quality score (a metric Google uses to determine where AdWords ads rank in the paid search results and how much advertisers pay for every click). A high-quality score has a key result of lowering costs per ad click, and paying less per click basically guarantees a lower cost per conversion.

Data shows that advertisers can reduce cost per conversion from 16 to 80 percent by optimising for quality score, so if you’re not winning with with your Google AdWords campaigns and paying too much per click, get in touch with COG Digital Agency Sydney today.



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*Data WordStream examined between June 1, 2016 and June 12, 2017