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Magento eCommerce CMS Website for Sutherland Shire brand The Shire Burbs

COG Digital are proud to launch the Magento eCommerce CMS Website and support the Sutherland Shire brand, The Shire Burbs.

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July 27, 2017

COG Digital are proud to launch the Magento eCommerce CMS Website and support the Sutherland Shire brand, The Shire Burbs.

The brief was to deliver a mobile phone and tablet responsive CMS Magento eCommerce Website for the Sutherland Shire brand, The Shire Burbs. The broader brief is to showcases the Shire Burbs products and shopping experience, focused towards communicating with Sutherland Shire residents, and selling to them something relevant to their lives.

The Shire ‘Burbs is about being proud of where you live. Local suburbs within The Sutherland Shire have their own unique identity and urban culture, and this is worth celebrating. The Shire ‘Burbs we do this via unique graphic icons, a concept launched as a community project by the branding agency COG Design. Living and working locally, the COG Design team thought it would be great to give local folk a platform to showcase their own creativity, and give residents something to help them celebrate their ‘burb. This is an open community project which ideally will grow with the input from the people that make up one of the most dynamic and unique places in Australia.

The Shire Burbs website enables easy administrator access for multiple users of different levels of security, and enable easy content updates. For users the site architecture provided a user friendly User Experience (UX). The Shire Burbs website is built to achieve immediate inbound traffic by being submitted and optimised for Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. At a high level the website should performs as the product and service showcase for the Shire Burbs business and brand, while also connecting with social media, and supporting the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Google Traffic projects are supported as the website had a Google analytics account created and connected to the website. Plus all contact forms have spam protection and also the required extensions to block robot spam.

A News feature is implemented and optimised for content, which could be posted by numerous admin users. Blog posting supported text, image and video content, as well as social media one click sharing across channels such as Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. COG Digital continues to support The Shire Burbs with website hosting, digital content, SEO and SEM and ongoing administration.

Please visit the The Shire Burbs website here >

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