Knowing How To Select The Right Marketing Technology

In this guide you’ll learn how to select the right marketing technology. COG Digital Agency Sydney are experts in marketing.

Digital Marketing Agency For Small Business

March 12, 2018

In this Digital Marketing guide you’ll learn how to select the right marketing technology.

COG Digital Agency Sydney are experts in marketing. Our skilled professionals focus on building brand equity and ensure that campaigns deliver against our clients brand image.

Delivering on omnichannel brand experience for your customers  require marketing technology that can automate processes, personalize interactions, and coordinate actions.

Marketing Strategists have a critical role in navigating the global digital environment of more than 2,000 marketing-technology providers to create appropriate solutions that deliver the most effective customer experiences.

They effectively act as a bridge between the customer experience and digital marketing.

A key element of managing a capable digital marketing plan is building systems and processes that have the flexibility to work with bigger platforms that are becoming more dominant, such as Adobe or SalesForce, as well as point solutions that are constantly introducing innovations.

That requires inhouse savvy and a broader view of the future, plus the internal culture to embrace technology and invest in the future.

Making sure your company systems have enough flexibility to hook into both current and emerging technologies, which will only become more important as the Internet of Things (IoT) drives mainstream, which by the way is not as easy as it sounds.

Although “winning” marketing technology isn’t necessarily what’s best for an organization. We need to use technology that is understood and embraced.

For example, an overriding consideration may be how well a particular solution integrates with legacy systems or how well it meets specific requirements. It’s up to the business to ‘feel out’ which platforms will likely be a marketing paradise for your business. Just remember that it is not just the social media site that you have to check, but the compatibility it has for your business.

For instance a global technology original-equipment manufacturer set out to create a personalized content-delivery system across all touchpoints.

Beginning with a clear vision of its ideal customer-delivery needs, it defined key performance indicators, outputs, and levels of personalization, and then it set out to assemble the technology that could do it.

But it also needed a solution that could play nicely with the company’s many legacy systems and would also be easy for a large group of global marketers to implement and manage day to day.

Our Sydney Branding Agency has two primary functions.

The first is to deliver a dynamic consulting service to Australian small businesses, which includes the transfer of knowledge, advice and strategic processes that are purposefully built to make them more profitable, sustainable and enjoyable.

The COG Branding structure ensures we are delivering brand, marketing and technology solutions for Australian small businesses that are formed by true value. Our approach is dominantly due to the robust structure of our broader business model. It’s COG Branding’s ultimate aim to continually encourage and assist Australia in becoming more innovative, competitive and prosperous.

Our purpose is to create more time for business owners, and to nurture opportunities through to success. Over time it’s become apparent that our skill is in being able to provide value when others are unable– and this continues to remain a core part of the COG Branding purpose.

COG Branding leads as a technology and small business consultancy and operates as a brand and marketing agency. Our team has a high digital literacy ensuring the solutions and services we supply small businesses and brands are the most appropriate for the business, the most innovative and commercially viable.

COG Branding is human first. Great technology and software requires smart humans to guide and manage how they are implemented. Our delivery of digital solutions have smart people at the centre, orchestrating customised strategies that use a variety of applications to obtain efficiency and operate optimally for Australian small businesses. We offer both packaged products and customised services – because not all of our clients’ businesses are the same.

We know you need a trusted professional brand and marketing agency to support your business. We’re focused on providing first class lead generation and digital marketing services, where services are affordable, simple to understand yet deliver leads and perform well. With this clarity on our clients’ needs, our experienced trusted Sydney digital agency offers no-cost quotes and consultations,

so to start experiencing success online call us today.

(+61 2) 9523 6007

Learn more about why your business should put in some effort when selecting the right marketing technology, and download the free guide below.

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