Knowing How And Why You Need To Implement Processes And Governance

In this guide you’ll learn how and why you need to implement processes and governance.

COG Digital Agency Sydney are experts in marketing. Our skilled professionals focus on building brand equity and ensure that campaigns deliver against our clients brand image.

Technology enables the customer experience, but it requires people, processes, and governance to ensure technology does what it’s supposed to do.

In short, if the company doesn’t embrace it, it will fail.

The failure to establish clear guidelines for how business units might pilot new technologies, how data will be shared across the organization, or which capabilities will be managed
in-house versus by external agencies (ie: COG Digital) could result in a patchwork of efforts across the enterprise that result in confusion and are a detriment to the scaling up of campaigning or projects.

To address this challenge, one global consumer-packaged-goods company rethought its entire approach to launching a new product in to their market, beginning with a complete overhaul of the marketing brief.

The existing briefing process was not a standard one which resulted in varying levels of input, lack of clarity around the insights that were driving the campaign, loose definitions of the goals of the campaign, and inconsistencies regarding the specific role of the supplier agency, as well as that of the internal team.

As would be expected, much time was wasted as both the briefs and campaign development underwent multiple iterations. It’s easy to waste time when not properly governed.

An innovative approach requires each stakeholder involved in the product launch to participate in the creation of any briefs.

Having everyone at the marketing meet at campaign kick off formalises responsibilities while aligning roles and resources ahead of time that  ensures mitigating the “land grabs” that can occur with bigger projects and multiple stakeholders (ie: external agencies).

In addition, innovative approaches and forward thinking to the implementation of processes in any digital marketing effort brings everyone together at the beginning which makes for stronger briefs, and generates a healthy debate on key issues – which ideally is required prior to agency handover.

As COG Digital would take the lead in a campaign launch and identify which key performance indicators should be measured, and how and where to incorporate feedback loops that would allow our clients teams to tweak and iterate after launch. A new approach will likely pay off by saving the time spent writing a marketing brief and rolling out a new product or service.

Establishing such clarity up front requires the client to be a strong orchestrator and the agencies to stick to their defined roles.

Rather than being restrictive, this level of company governance in digital marketing can enhance creativity, as it frees company team members to focus on their responsibilities instead of wasting time and energy jockeying for position internally. As we all know Marketing and Campaigns are sometimes the most fun and high energy projects in any organisation.

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