Keeping Your WordPress Website Secure and Updated

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At COG Digital, we know websites. We are digital experts who’ve built hundreds of WordPress websites for a vast array of clientele across Sydney, Australia.

Any WordPress website developer worth his salt will know that while WordPress is a great CMS platform, it requires ongoing care to prevent security breaches and keep all of the moving parts up to date.

You may ask yourself, well what exactly are these moving parts that require updating? Why can’t I just leave my WordPress website as it is and not have to update it?

That is a great question and I’m glad you asked!

At the very top level there are 5 crucial technical components that make up your WordPress website. These are:

  1. WordPress Core
  2. PHP
  3. Theme
  4. Plugins
  5. Server Configuration

1.  WordPress Core – The wordpress core is the CMS platform on which your website is built on top of. It consists of the core functionality that allows users to login to the backend and make changes to the front end. WordPress is built on a programming language called PHP and has a huge library of its own functions that allow developers to be able to build amazing websites. As technology is always evolving, so is programming languages and the WordPress Core. The developers of WordPress are always making tweeks to the code to update it to be in line with latest PHP conventions.

2. PHP – PHP is the language used by WordPress website developers and a primary language we use to develop at COG Digital, Sydney. PHP has come a long way since its inception in 1994. Since then we are up to version 7.3 which huge differences in capacity and operational fire power since even 5.6.

3. Theme – WordPress comes with some very basic themes out of the box but these offer very limited functionality. For this reason, developers use prebuilt themes to help reduce the build times on their website application projects. Themes are purchased from a wide range of online retailers and are always chosen to best suit the design brief of the client. These themes, similar to PHP and the WordPress core are built using a variety of programming languages such as PHP, Javascript, CSS, and more. These themes are upgraded also to keep up to date with the languages that are consistently evolving. They are also expanding on themes functionality by building in more options for users.

4. Plugins – Plugins are another word for modules. These are packages of programming code built to perform specific functions for your website. A simple example of a plugin would be a contact form. Whenever you submit a form on a website, there is a very high chance that this is in fact a third party plugin. Plugins can be free or paid depending on the complexity of the functionality they offer developers. Similar to all of the points above, the developers of these plugins are always upgrading these to fix bugs relating to updating languages and even browser software upgrades.

5. Server Configuration – Last but not least is server configuration. Your WordPress website sits on a server. They need to sit on a server to live and be able to be presented to the world. These servers are configured with a range of programming extensions, language dependencies and more. As technology improves so does the software used to run these servers and the way they are configured.

In a nutshell,

Maintaining and upgrading your website to the latest versions in each facets as outlined above is essential to prevent your website from becoming unsecure (being hacked), or preforming poorly and getting a poor SEO ranking. SEO determines how your website appears on the internet and therefore should be a major concern to all who have a website.

The solution,

SAPOW! is a WordPress website management service provided by COG Digital.

We created this service to support any business with a WordPress Website that is not equipped with the skills and resources to maintain their digital asset.

You can read more about our SAPOW plan here >

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