Instagram Stories – The Next Big Thing?

In this guide you’ll learn why Instagram stories may just be the next big thing for social media marketers. COG Digital Agency Sydney are experts in social media marketing.

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April 2, 2019

In this guide you’ll learn why Instagram stories may just be the next big thing for social media marketers.

COG Digital Agency Sydney are experts in social media marketing. Our digital experts  focus on building brand equity and ensuring our social media campaigns deliver against our clients brand image.

Fact – Over 200 million people use Instagram stories each month. This is 50 million more than those who use Snapchat. What makes this truly impressive is that Instagram stories is just one year old. If Instagram stories continue at this projected growth, nearly half of all Instagram users will be using stories by the end of 2018.

As the use of stories grows in popularity, Facebook and Instagram will continue to capitalize on it. It is extremely important for digital marketing strategists and content strategists to produce social media content that is not just posted directly, but also for their stories as well.

Not just Facebook and Instagram have begun to capitalize on the success of stories. There are lots of companies and brands using live content to get their followers more excited and engaged. Digital Marketing and Product marketers use Facebook Live to do product demonstrations and show videos of real people using their product. The use of Instagram influencers has also grown significantly.

These Instagram influencers are paid to promote products and brands to their hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers. This is a fantastic way to get people interested in your product and engaged with your brand.

Unquestionably 2018 will continue to see the rise of social media influencers as they operate neatly with the growth and success of story marketing.

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