Content Writing

We know you need a trusted savvy and creative partner to provide content writing for your brand campaigns, website and marketing.

Your content marketing agency needs to be affordable, clever, deliver against your brief and have the writing perform. Plus, you’d like to get a quick turn around and updates if needed.

COG Digital Agency are developers of digital content that delivers online success. We manage content for deployment on Web, Social, Search Ads & Display Ads.

A neat Digital Strategy elevates digital content to tell the best story. COG Digital know how to cut through to our clients audience so they engages. We make our clients content king. Successful branded content is truly realised on how it exists in the minds of the audience it was created for. Clients who require our digital content services are asked one initial question by COG Digital designers which is who are your customers and users? When we know this we’re halfway there.

COG Digital are professionals in the digital content design and development for online and offline communications. Our clients use the content we create across websites, social channels, advertising, direct mail, gaming, touchscreens and wayfinding applications.

We approach content development and design with consideration to the management requirements and the key objectives in which the content needs to meet. We know that content will only perform optimally within a strategic framework if it supports the broader brief. Part of our methodology in content management and analysis is to understand how the content is performing during the campaign – we’re also proactive in community support.

All COG Digital content is built to spec and brief, and our digital designers pride themselves on creating bespoke and original works of art. While we’re experts at filling up websites with banner sliders, photos, videos and text content, we also produce online advertising content such as med recs and leaderboards for the Google Display Network and all Social Media channels. Our digital design studio can also produce animation, 3D Rendering, Photomontages, GIF Graphics, and kinetic text designs. We approach all our clients projects with passion, pride and creativity.

COG Digital is supported by COG Strategy and COG Design when designing digital content. Having this skill set for for all our work ensures a forward thinking approach using key insights from research ensures our work pursues premium results for our clients.

Our Digital Producers are all located in our Sydney Studio. We manage and market content across all digital platforms and channels. COG Digital provide a premium content marketing service.

We consult with our clients and advise on where best to market their businesses content and their branded content. Content marketing is simply taking branded content, or content with a commercial objective, and ensuring it is developed to be consumed by the targeted audience, deployed strategically so it reaches the right audience at the right time, and providing the data which proves it was a successful piece of content. Our clients use our content marketing service because we don’t guess, we don’t waste our clients time or money and we ensure that whoever engages with what we’ve put out there, we know about.

COG Digital are sharp as a tack when it comes to digital content marketing.

Facebook Marketing and Advertising

The opportunity to engage with over half the Australian population via Facebook makes it the most powerful social media tool for business and brands. Our online strategies for the Facebook channel use our unique approach to engagement marketing designed to boost target audience engagement.

The opportunities for customer engagement via Facebook channel are huge. A powerful method in building a loyalty following is via targeted strategic Facebook advertising campaigning. Our approach is simple, Strategy > Execution > Analysis > Reporting.

Twitter Marketing

How about having a conversation with a couple of million new customers?

Business and brand have the opportunity to spread messaging and communication via Tweeting conversations with millions of new customers. The strength of this platform can boost brand awareness and acquire new customers. Our Twitter methodology is again relatively simple, Develop strategy > Execute > Analyse > Report.

LinkedIn Marketing

COG Digital understand that LinkedIn has a distinct difference. The ability to maintain a Business to Business networking position with industry figures, influencial individuals and desired companies is the greatest advantage. Our service to our clients for Linked In advertising is to develop a LinkedIn strategy which is unique to our clients business and uses other social and digital strategies to drive the business position and key business objectives.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is easily used, easily seen and very disposable. For brands needing product showcasing and fan base engagement Instagram can deliver a great supplement to any existing online marketing campaign. As primarily a visual platform, Instagram is best aligned to brands in the food, fashion, art, action sports, travel, and creative and design industries. Our Instagram processes are currently in a state of flux as it’s back end systems are on the move. The fundamentals are static, the process in a state of flux.

Pinterest Marketing

COG Digital use Pinterest to make sure that our clients brands are seen by an audience that matters. The Pinterest social channel is also visually focused and has morphed into a platform brands wanting to share their latest products and services in the visual format.


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