Data, Metrics, Analysis. And, Understanding How To Use These To Drive Success

In this guide you’ll learn how to drive success using data, metrics and analysis. COG Digital Agency Sydney are experts in marketing.

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April 9, 2018

In this guide you’ll learn how to drive success using data, metrics and analysis.

COG Digital Agency Sydney are experts in marketing. Our skilled professionals focus on building brand equity and ensure that campaigns deliver against our clients brand image.

Technology is now catching up to ( if it hasn’t by the time you’re reading this) the holy grail of marketing: the ability to monitor, track, and manage the effectiveness of marketing investments.

Measures of marketing effectiveness need to shift beyond what has often been limited to a narrow set of metrics. As brands become more customer-centric, metrics should focus on customer activity as opposed to simply product or regional activity.

Metrics can also reinforce new behaviours and processes, such as how quick a product is launched or how quickly lessons from the field can successfully be integrated into the next marketing campaign.

To be most effective, however, metrics need to deliver insights rapidly —often in real time—so the business can actually act. Today the technology exists, a business just needs the best advice on implementation and execution.

In 2018 brands need to be delivered in a way that is simple for decision makers to quickly understand, and they need to be forward looking to identify future opportunities instead of focusing on reporting what has already happened.

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COG Branding is human at the forefront.

Great technology and software requires intelligent people to guide and manage how they are implemented. Our delivery of digital solutions have intelligent people at the centre, orchestrating customised strategies that use a variety of applications to obtain efficiency and operate optimally for Australian small businesses. We provide both packaged products and customised services – because not all of our clients’ businesses are the same.

Our purpose is to give more time to business owners to focus on their work, and to nurture opportunities through to success. Over time it’s become apparent that our skill is in being able to provide value when others are not able – and this continues to live in the core of the COG Branding purpose.

COG Branding presents as a technology and small business consultancy and works as a brand and marketing agency. Our team has a high digital literacy ensuring the solutions and services we supply small businesses and brands are the most coherent for the business, the most innovative and the most commercially viable. 

Our Sydney Branding Agency has two primary functions. The first is to deliver a dynamic consulting service to Australian small businesses, which includes the transfer of information, advice and strategic processes that are intently built to make them more cost-effective, sustainable and enjoyable.

The COG Branding structure ensures we are providing brand, marketing and technology solutions for Australian small businesses that are formed upon a core of true value. Our approach is in large part due to the robust structure of our wider business model. It’s COG Branding’s aim to continually boost and assist Australian businesses in becoming more innovative, competitive and prosperous. 

We know you need a trusted professional brand and marketing agency to support your business. We’re focused on providing first class lead generation and digital marketing services, where services are affordable, simple to understand yet deliver leads and perform at a high level.

With this clarity on our clients’ needs, our experienced trusted Sydney digital agency offers free quotes and consultations, so to start succeeding online call us today. (+61 2) 9523 6007


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