Community Manager Guidelines

Key Tips To Help Manage &  Engage Your Community

A Brand Management Resource by COG Digital.


Businesses no longer have a choice about whether or not to engage in social media. If you want your online business to succeed social media marketing and community management are fundamental support pillars.

We’ve put together some best practices for optimising your businesses social media channels and instructions on how to implement strong community management practises, By always putting your best foot forward, you and your business will make stronger connections online and drive businesses growth.

COG Digital are a Sydney Digital Agency experts in digital marketing, eCommerce and websites. Our exposure to our clients online experiences has taught us many things about how to manage and foster good relationships online. The Importance of Community Management is enough for us to put together this valuable white-paper and share the valuable insights we have gained with over 10 years of managing businesses and brands online.

The Community Manager Guideline document contains notes on how to further understand your audience, how to consider critical posts as opportunities, highlights why Community Management is key, how and why to deal with negative comments in Facebook, how to enable your brand voice and brand personality  to stand out, how to let your community be heard, being consistent with your contribution, social media management calendars, traffic and data management through metrics and also the application of new knowledge.

Community Manager Guidelines
Community Management is a Fundamental Pillar of Digital Marketing.
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