Why Updating Your Website Is Important!

  1. Website-Design

As a website design business, we are constantly asked to build new websites. However, just like your car, it is important to service and maintain your website if you want to keep it runningat optimal performance.

As website developers we are always trying to improve our clients website to improve navigation, user experience (UX), and the general aesthetic. Similar to fashion, website trends change and what was visually appealing and on trend 2 years ago may be old and outdated today.

Personally, we like to revisit our website at least every 3 months to service the website backend. This includes upgrading all plugins, php versions, theme’s and CMS versions. This ensures that the functionality of your website stays in premium shape and that you do not experience any website breaks on the front-end of your site.

Some clients come to us and want to change the look and feel of their website. This usually coincidences with a rebrand. Rebranding a website means replacing the websites font, colour scheme, iconography, imagery to emulate a completely new vibe. Our partners at COG Strategy are experts in Rebranding so if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in contact with them!

Think its time to redesign your website?

Read our top 4 signs it is time to update your website:

1. Your Business Has Evolved & Changed

Your website no longer reflects the current business and therefore is not an accurate online portrayal of your business.

Time to update.

2. Your Website Is Old & Outdated

This is an easy test, simply look up few of your competitors. Do they have sleek, fresh looking websites and make yours feel old and archaic? If your current website is slow, hard to navigate and confusing then it is definitely time to redesign your website.

We can easily help fix this.

3. Your Website Isn’t Mobile Responsive

As more than 60% of online traffic is from mobile users it is ESSENTIAL that your website is mobile responsive. If your current website isn’t mobile responsive you are certainly loosing a wide range of leads or conversions every day.

Is this you?

4. You Just Don’t Like Your Website

It’s ok to just simply no longer like the look or feel of your website. Updating or building a new website is a straightforward process with COG Digital. We outline key steps from the very beginning and ensure that you are on the same page every step of the way so that you end up with the website you want!

Here is an example of a website redesign we have recently carried out for Zig Zag Hub. After engaging COG Digital due to business expansion we recommended that the old website be redesigned to increase SEO potential and UX.