Why Do You Need a Digital Marketing Agency?

Clients often ask us why do you I a Digital Marketing Agency?

COG Digital has the experience and results to be able to answer this question for you, because as a leading Sydney Marketing Agency that specialises in the digitisation of our clients business and enabling them to perform online to grow and secure their business.

By partnering with a Digital Marketing and Advertising Agency like COG Digital, you’re able to benefit from a highly tuned process that often follows a similar path. Not all projects contain the detailed phases as below, though for the most part any leading digital marketing agency should understand the below steps and how they deliver against your business and brand requirements.

  1. Research Phase
  2. Insights Phase
  3. Briefing
  4. Software and Technology Discovery Session
  5. Digital Marketing Platform Discovery Session
  6. Digital Strategy
  7. Digital Channel Optimisations
  8. Data, Traffic and Analytics Optimisations
  9. Website UI/UX Optimisations
  10. Campaign Strategy
  11. Creative Assets and Brand Communications Development
  12. Campaign Deployment
  13. Ad management and Pacing
  14. Reporting and Traffic Analytics

A digital marketing agency will supply detailed reporting and ongoing analysis of your Digital Marketing activities and campaigning. This enables you the client to understand how the virtual world is performing, so it’s imperative to become literate with reading data reports to ensure you can understand where the time and money investments are performing via your chosen digital marketing agency. The reassurance in knowing that your agency is a team that has their finger on the pulse, and are active in managing your performance marketing activities is key, you need to be confident to focus on the other aspects of your business while your digital team power forward and generate leads and results that help drive your business forward.

COG Digital often commence new relationships with a digital audit. So you ask why would you need a digital marketing audit?
A Digital Marketing Audit is an in-depth review of your business’ current Digital Marketing efforts, strategies, Google Ads, online advertising, SEO content, and website. The performance of these Digital Marketing practices gives a Digital Marketing Agency a good idea of where your business is sitting against its competition and the overall industry. A COG Digital Digital Marketing Audit is the initial phase in the Digital Marketing process, it essential as we as suppliers will need to understand where the opportunities are and where there are errors – as we’ll be spending your budget on platforms and in channels – if there is an inefficiency we need to know this early.

COG Digital advertising planning, audits and strategy will pursue a sustainable marketing approach while chasing leads that convert to real business.  A top rated digital marketing should be supplying you better value and success via your Digital Marketing initiatives. COG Digital clients enjoy our transparency and upfront approach by often offering a digital audit for free, as we know that good relationships last and if we can pay t forward with knowing and advice our digital marketing efforts are effective and drive growth.

You need a digital marketing agency because they will ensure you follow protocols and processes that produce sophisticated outcomes, via efficient methods. The below are some of the steps COG Digital would run our partners and clients through.

  • Identify the broader business and brand goals and objectives.
  • Assess the online competition.
  • Evaluate the current business equity and brand positioning online.
  • Defined a Digital Marketing Strategy that aligns with the business objectives and brand positioning.
  • Build in a solid KPI and ROI framework to ensure the business can quantify its performance.

Additionally, COG Digital reduce our clients cost of doing business, as we’re a full service branding agency we manage and maintain our clients digital assets such as websites, hosting, SSL certificates, domain names and emails. The astute management of these is critical to ensure your digital marketing is an always on acquisition activity. Our digital marketers are split into teams that provide different skills to different assets, all reacting swiftly to all digital marketing opportunities as they happen, and rectifying any red flag issues when they arise.


Our clients also ask us, what is a full service Digital Marketing Agency?
A full service Digital Marketing Agency is a brand marketing agency that provides the full suite of specific digital marketing technology, softwares and services.

COG Digital is a Sydney Digital Marketing Agency providing the full suite of strategy, content production, performance marketing such as PPC, social media, SEO, Email Marketing, eCommerce website development and hosting maintenance solutions.COG Digital is a true full service Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney as we’re supported by the broader COG Branding business that has allows us to be resourced to provide a fully integrated marketing service suite.

A Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency should provide the full selection of disciplines of online marketing and advertising aspects for your business, including all process required from strategic planning, research and insight, conceptual creative development, content writing and campaign creation right through to campaign deployment and reporting. Partnering with a reliable full-service Sydney digital marketing agency will effectively manage your marketing budget with efficient digital tools and processes.

Importantly, as your digital marketing agency how do you evaluate digital marketing results?

Digital Marketing is fast paced, volatile at times, and is continually evolving. The best rated Digital Marketing Agencies constantly deliver against their services, and the subsequent reporting and data should match. Data and traffic reporting is the key to understanding the digital marketing ecosystem. As a top rated digital marketing agency, COG Digital is always implementing new strategies and tactics that optimise campaigns and proceeding results. But before we can determine if a campaign is successful or not, an objective or goals needs to be established with the client first and foremost. Our focus is to ensure all the data connectors are in place such as the below –

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Data Studio
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Facebook Pixel
  • LinkedIn Pixel

After your Digital Marketing Agency determines your business objective, they should then implement a tailored Digital Marketing strategy. COG Digital commence discussions with new clients on simple terms, outlining the opportunity to deploy the three main types of Digital Marketing activities. And to determine the effectiveness of these three primary Digital Marketing campaign disciplines we set KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that are quantifiable goals that are imperative to track and measure the success of our Digital Marketing Campaign.

  1. Lead Generation Campaigns aim to capture and stimulate the interest of new business clients. this can be from a platform such as Facebook or a search engine like Google. As a leading Digital Agency, we use the following KPIs to monitor the effectiveness of our lead generation campaigns, including increases in leads, having a well-balanced cost-per-lead, website traffic, bounce rate and session-to-lead conversation rate.
  2. Awareness Campaigns aim to get a business’s target audience more familiar with their brand—this an ideal Digital Marketing Campaign for newly established brands and brands launching new products. As a leading Digital Media Agency, we use the following KPIs to monitor the effectiveness of our brand awareness campaigns, including website traffic, search volume and campaign reach.
  3. Conversion Campaigns aim to influence customers to purchase from a business continually. As a leading E-Commerce SEO Agency, we use the following KPIs to monitor the effectiveness of our conversion campaigns, including sales results, phone calls and form submissions.

Choosing COG Digital as Your Digital Marketing Agency connects you to an integrated team of marketing professionals who understand how to connect your brand online to your business. COG Digital is an award-winning Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney; we have been generating leads and brand value for over 20 years. We’re supported by COG Branding so we’ve got the backend firepower for all sized businesses. If you are ready to take your digital marketing seriously, build true sustainable digital strategy for growth and scale your business then get in contact with COG Digital.

Our expert Digital Marketing Strategists will show you what Digital Advertising and Marketing opportunities are waiting for your brand.
No matter the industry, size or type of business, COG Digital and our Sydney based Digital Marketing experts can improve your brand’s digital position. COG Digital creates a sustainable pathway for our clients brands and businesses, via tailored marketing campaigns and digital marketing strategies.

As a digital marketing agency our service include astute reporting and ongoing traffic and analytics assessments that ensure our technology solutions are being maintained, paced and accurate day in and day out. What a digital marketing agency should do is set and forget their campaigns. COG Digital enable our clients to focus on their own business, whilst our Sydney digital marketing team is in support of the difficult and often technically challenging ecosystems of digital marketing for business.

If your brand and business is ready to get found online, perform and build some sustainability in its marketing efforts then contact COG Digital today. (02) 9523 6007. Free Briefing Here