Union Store Cronulla Marketing Campaign

COG Digital are proud to work with Union Store Cronulla on a multi channel social media campaign.

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March 16, 2016


COG Digital are proud to work with Union Store Cronulla on a multi channel social media campaign.

Union Store is a completely independent and locally owned mens boutique clothing store. The store was founded in September 2013 as a new offering for guys to purchase quality clothing in Cronulla. Our focus is on Australian and New Zealand brands and our brand mix is constantly evolving.

Union Store approached COG Digital to assist with some launch marketing strategies for the store in Croydon Street Cronulla. Meeting was easy COG Digital agency is just around the corner on the Kingsway in Cronulla too.

The brief was to deliver a quick and effective online campaign to reach out to the existing Union Store audience and also look to attract a new local audience. The key message was to let local shoppers know that Westfields Miranda was closing down, with a key focus on the General Pants store. As General Pants is the nearest stockist of similar brands such as Thrills, RVCA, Rhythm, Affends and many more, it was this opportunity to reach out and showcase the Union Store brands on offer.

At a high level the digital content would get pushed across Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and Twitter. While a supplementary YouTube account set up to host the video and also assist with blog posting on the Union Store website.

With a small budget for social advertising, the metrics provided a successful result and plenty of virality and positive feedback from existing the Union Store customer base.

COG Digital continues to support Union Store Cronulla, please visit their website here >

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