The Sutherland Shire Social Media Agency

COG Digital is the Sutherland Shire Social Media Agency located in Cronulla.

Our focus is to connect our clients brand and business with their target audience. COG Digital create opportunities for real conversations to take place on Social Media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram with the brands we’re entrusted with and their customers and audience.

  • As a Sutherland Shire located social media agency we know what makes your local customers tick. Free Quotes & briefing (+61 2) 9523 6007



Our Social Media skills connect your brand and business to your targeted audience via generating content that engages and inspires. We manage conversations and communicate with your customers with the objective to build brand equity and business exposure. We know that when we focus on creating relationships online that it sets up successful long term relationships, supports the growth of brand equity and builds brand trust with our clients business and brand.

Here at COG Digital we provide complete range of social media marketing services that are designed to suit businesses from all sectors of all sizes. Whether it be a commercial factory in Taren Point, a cafe at Engadine or a retail store at Miranda Fair, we’ve got the experience and skills in social media and digital marekting to provide your business with real lasting quality online solutions. COG Digital are a tech-savvy collective of social media marketers, graphic desingers and community managers.

Our methodology is unqiue in that we first help our clients understand what solution suits their marketing campaigns and business position best, and then apply a bespoke strategy and campaign. We know each business if unique thus our solutions are similar. At COG Digital when we roll out our strategic processes for our clients we all learn and grow from the business experience, especially when the magic happens! The COG Digital Social Media service suite is used differently by our clients, though all resources and skills are here for each and everyone of our clients.

  1. Social Media Campaigns
  2. Social Media Account Set Up and Optimisation
  3. Social Media Workshops and Training
  4. Social Media Community Management
  5. Social Media Content Calendars & Planners
  6. Social Media Trend Reporting and Channel Listening
  7. Social Media Operational Guidelines

We’re true believers in Mobile search engine optimisation, and we’ve embraced mobile social media performance for our clients. As smart phone searches account for a more search volume than desktop searches we insist on optimizing our clients social media strategies and campaigns for mobile traffic. It’s all part of a tailored Social Media Strategy.

We’re proud to be social media savvy, actually we’re experts if we’re honest. We insist that our clients supply some form of engaging social media experience to round out their brand. It doesn;t have to be extravagant, just take up the real estate and if one of your customers bumps into you, or actively searches for you, reward them with a well repsented social media channel. Taking up digital real estate is free anyway right?!

While not all clients need to have a strong active game on social media, we still pursue participation on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for all our clients, regardless or industry or market position. We know that Search Engine Experience takes signals and data from social media to whether a website is offering a positive user experience or not.

If you’re a Sutherland Shire business and would like more information about our Social Media services, call COG Digital in our Cronulla studio today on (+61 2) 9523 6007

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