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COG Digital, Shopify Website Agency – Connecting Brands, Supporting eCommerce Business.

The COG Digital focus is to pursue eCommerce business growth for all our clients, and we pursue this via dynamic digital processes and products. When we start solving our clients digital problems together – our partnerships prosper. Start today with the Shopify eCommerce Agency… COG Digital.

What Sort of Shopify Experience To Expect When Partnering With COG Digital?

Our approach to developing Shopify Websites is to connect brand to eCommerce business through smart digital solutions, savvy UX Website Design and with the rule of keeping your customer at the front of all decision making throughout the project.

As a Sydney Digital Agency, our Shopify Website Development team are all located in our Sydney studio (we don’t outsource). Our Shopify Website Developers has a unified focus towards three important aspects in designing websites and delivering first rate eCommerce Shopify projects. Firstly, it is the value we offer our clients. We know that if we’re offering a Shopify Website digital agency our clients will want to speak directly to our developers or professionals who understand the core requirements of the Shopify platform and website product. COG Digital customer service and our approach to website development project management validates this awareness and we stand behind our first rate service.

Each of our Shopify Website Design team understand that the added value we offer our clients as a leading Sydney digital marketing company is delivered in full when we react with efficiency and clarity to client projects, supplied briefs, and concise answers to the basic questions right through to the complex questions. Our developers and project managers will ensure all project stakeholders will takeaway a clear understanding and further knowledge on the questions brought to the table.

Secondly, our Sydney Shopify website design company is focused on delivering ture Shopify engines that are eCommerce workhorses for their brands and products. We know inventory needs to be walking out the door and stock needs to be turned. COG Digital understand your Shopify Website will have Google Ads and Facebook Campaigns driving performance marketing leads to your website and the business demands measurable growth and results.

COG Digital has years of Shopify Website development experience through the many digital projects our website design agency has delivered to clients across Australia and the world.

We have a firm understanding that the most successful businesses are the ones tapping the power of connectivity within their digital marketing and digital asset stack to achieve growth, sustainability and security. COG Digital will ensure that the Shopify template or custom design stimulates your customers to take action, become brand advocates and refer them to their network. COG Digital is all about nurturing a sustainable future for all our clients Shopify and eCommerce business assets.

Lastly, the COG Digital Sydney Shopify Agency is focused towards building lasting partnerships that truly understand and acknowledge each businesses position as customer and supplier. These relationships generate quality digital suites that become a key part of business equity, and when supported become efficient and deliver a more sustainable business model. Here we know our services increase margin and mitigate risk that simple decreases operating expenses. We’re an Australian owned Shopify website development company that has worked with a global roster of clients for over 10 years, and our success has come from hard work, a true Aussie work ethic and from this our business has grown to achieve a strong referral network that we are proud of. Your business can also achieve project success, if you need a quality and reliable digital website agency – look no further!

Welcome to COG Digital, the Shopify Design and Development experts for clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and across Australia.

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At Our Core We’re A Sydney Shopify Website Development Agency

Our eCommerce website development team is experienced in selecting key digital assets such as third party Apps and software, and including these into the businesses digital stack to increase the user journey experience and eCommerce conversion rates.

COG Digital is dynamic in our approach to taking digital assets live online and connecting them to a brands broader brand story to join in the pursuit of growth. Our software developers understand brand, are brought in on the marketing conversation and know how to increase eCommerce results through intelligent Shopify Websites.

Our Shopify development methodologies are market tested and proven to deliver the premium in eCommerce conversion rates and brand experiences. We want to build brand equity for your brand and increase the bottom line of the business as much as our clients – they win, we win. Simple. 

COG Digital are passionate about nurturing the Shopify platform we are trusted with, and support businesses that are needing intelligent eCommerce solutions and a new injection of technology-enthusiasm.

Once you become one of our Shopify Partner Clients we’ll ensure your stakeholders understand that ‘Shopify technology’ is a powerful engine inside the business, and it can deliver true financial results to your company bottom line.

Digital business growth and brand eCommerce equity can be accessed through clever and leading edge digital solutions that any Australian business can achieve. Senior management just has to simply embrace it. If Covid-19 hasn’t stimulated your C-Suite to get online and take action, we’re afraid nothing will. When a business realises that they can use Shopify Websites to trade products and services, light bulbs go off, the words “streamlining” and “efficiency” begin to get thrown around.

A component to our Shopify Website Development digital approach is initially getting an intimate understanding of our clients resources available to their business, and the teams capacity to execute technical tasks in-house. Our client–centric approach considers the ability to match the digital strategy and on-boarding of the most appropriate third party Shopify Apps and strategies against this audit. The COG Digital Shopify Audit considers everything from the types of businesses and industries involved, the customer target, the inventory and shipping matrix and cost of RRP products.

Each COG Digital Shopify Developer member from our Sydney website development company first learns that Shopify is a dynamic representation of a ecommerce platform using Ruby on Rails. When learning to build a modern eCommerce web application it can be very intimidating. Ruby on Rails (or Rails, or Ruby for short) is a development tool which gives web developers a framework, providing structure for all the code they write. The Rails framework helps developers to build websites and applications, because it abstracts and simplifies common repetitive tasks. For the most part it includes everything you need to build fantastic applications, and you can learn it with the support of our large, friendly community.

We aim to structure a sustainable future for our clients by using first class technology and digital solutions and support the business in a year on year growth path.

The type of customers and clients using COG Digital Shopify website skills are a mixture of SME’s (small to medium enterprise) through to large international companies. COG Digital thrive in partnerships with clients that understand that if they build a first class digital asset, it won’t be cheap, and it’ll have the capacity to deliver revenue from eCommerce sales but also reduce cumbersome man-hours on digital labour. We aim to structure a sustainable future for our clients by using first class technology and digital solutions and support the business in a year on year growth path.

COG Digital deliver winning Shopify digital solutions – just checkout this website here > Stokke. Our website developers approach development of Shopify platforms as if they’re part of the COG Digital family, and our digital agency treat our staff like family too. Our clients businesses will have a better chance of success when we function as a cohesive team and our business partnerships include detailed and clear briefings. Our approach is unique as we offer development right through to project success and aftercare, plus can deliver digital marketing services such as SEO, SEM, Email Marketing and Social Media Campaigning too if needed.

Our digital studio is in Cronulla, Sutherland Shire Sydney, and our digital service offer remains more competitive compared to some of our competition as we’re supported by the COG Branding Group (We feature on business directories like Mumbrella under branding and digital agencies) and are able to use this as leverage with resources, our team and our skill set.

COG Digital are a Full Service Shopify Design Agency and our entire suite of digital solutions are available to our clients under the one roof. Our web developers are qualified career professionals, full stack digital gurus that understand web development, code language types and frameworks, brand management and business requirements. We perform as a digital resource library for all our clients.

If you need first class Shopify solutions from one of Sydney’s leading Shopify Agencies, reach out today and begin building a strong eCommerce relationship that will generate the highest eCOmmerce results possible for your brand and business.

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How Our Website Design Agency Works

eCommerce and Shopify Experts.

COG Digital is a leading website design agency and our use of virtual technology and digital tools allows us to structure fast moving and reactive relationships with our clients. COG Digital operate in fast times and we’re here to help you and your company keep up!

Our digital agency is unique in that we have the in-office team and resources to provide small to medium sized enterprises (SME’s) at-call ongoing digital and brand support. We’re here 24/7 and 100% Australian owned and operated.

We provide our clients various levels of support, including a custom #Slack channel that ensures our clients will always have an immediate point of contact to professionals here in Sydney. Our Shopify designers also have a knowledge base that enables our clients to enjoy a fully comprehensive design suite of their website before we build out a staging Shopify instance. Our full digital marketing team us available to our clients and we aim to ensure  allow communication to flow from desktop to desktop – no matter where your team is located around the country.

The COG Digital team are business savvy and passionate about all the websites we are entrusted with. Through the dedicated leadership from our senior partners we never forget that our clients are relying on us to work hard to succeed at every opportunity. Think of the COG Digital as a cog in your businesses engine – you set our team spinning the full 360 degrees and we deliver the goods!

Our focus is long term relationships, and when our team of website developers get their mitts into your digital assets over few business quarters, their knowledge and experience increases and compounds, transforming us into industry experts with knowledge of your business and what it needs to achieve success. It doesn’t take long for your business to begin to see the results on the bottom line.

The longer our Shopify website developers and project managers work deep within your business – the more knowledge is gathered and used to benefit the business through digital initiatives. With our dynamic approach, what we learn is injected directly back into the brand via tailored strategies that will assist your business and its performance in the online market.

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Our Full-Service Sydney Digital Agency and Our Shopify Service Suite

Shopify Dropshipping Store Marketing

If you are running a Shopify website eCommerce website for Drop Shipping, you’ll need to consider digital performance marketing and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). To get your store generating true high value leads and bringing customers to your website to buy for Drop Shipping products, paid lead generation is imperative.  COG Digital is a Sydney Shopify Marketing Agency that specialises in Drop Shipping marketing and lead generation. For many eCommerce businesses the prospect of spending your time and money on managing your inventory is a daunting. If you’re considering creating an fully fledged ecommerce Shopify business which uses a drop shipping business model, you will need to include drop shipping marketing into the Profit and Loss equation and resource requirements from the beginning.

There are hundreds of businesses on the Shopify Exchange Marketplace that is a true indication of how competitive drop shipping is and how many people have thought building a Shopify website and taking it to market is easy. While Drop Shipping ensures you never need to carry any inventory, you will most definitely need to focus on your marketing and dedicate some capital to FacebookInstagram and Google products!

COG Digital deploy Drop Shipping Digital Marketing programs that strategically communicate the key elements that differentiate your Shopify business and product offer from the competitive market place it will operate in. Our Sydney Shopify team know the fast pace of the Dropshipping ecommerce Shopify world is competitive and not as simple as it sounds. Our Shopify digital marketing strategies are functional for a variety of other industries that cover most common areas. Our Shopify Sydney specialists ensure that our digital marketing experience is directly transferred back to our clients as to ensure the critical technology path is open and clear for both client and supplier.

Shopify Dropshipping is basically a online Marketing business where the websites key objective is to have as many high worth leads come into the website. With domain equity and domain authority and some sophisticated digital lead generation performance marketing this should be happening. The Shopify website should then be functioning as a pseudo salesperson and communicating on an emotive level to inspire an eCommerce conversion.

A brand needs to consider it’s broader digital footprint (social media etc) as it is a crucial link in assisting the Shopify website in its lead generation efforts and converting customers into sales. At COG Digital, we have over 20 years experience in website design and development – try us today.

Learn More about Shopify Drop Shipping Marketing click here 

Shopify Dropshipping eCommerce

COG Digital is a performance-driven Sydney Shopify agency that seamlessly blends technology, creative, and marketing to accelerate eCommerce growth. Our focus is to build an eCommerce Dropshipping Marketing Plan that’s driven towards success. You can read a case study here about API 3PL Integration (Third Party Logistics) and Commerce Order Management in our Our Works page which show what a fully fledged dropshipping Marketing Plan looks like in function. eCommerce requires sophisticated approach to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). You can spend money on performance marketing and Google lead generation, though you’ll want an organic strategy in place to offset the costs of PPC marketing.

UX (User Experience) is critical on your Shopify website, so COG Digital closely assess how customers are navigating your website and completing tollgates on their eCommerce journey paths. COG Digital focus on what works, traditional website convention and strategy never goes out of style, and while the latest technology from Shopify and the App Marketplace will come and go, human behaviour still dictates what is supplied by software companies. Our Shopify website designers want all our dropshipping clients to achieve online success, and we know how to convert users to sales for maximum return. COG Digital help grow Shopify eCommerce businesses by putting our clients brands and products best foot forward in the right channel, at the right time through proven digital strategy. Our team are career professionals in dropshipping marketing and focus on Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO).

We build Shopify online experiences for your customers, and understand how eCommerce can connect your business to your customers. Learn More click here

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

COG Digital Is An SEO Agency That Gets Results.

We’re all about getting our clients noticed by Google. Today’s best copywriting has to be smart, engaging and converting. Here our in-house SEO on page experts can show you their stuff! COG Digital is dedicated to do everything we can to get our clients noticed by Google, crawled by Google, indexed by Google and then staying there and performing for lead generation.

COG Digital delivers content that is what most people are searching. We do our researching before we type a single key. If you’re looking for a SEO and digital marketing agency in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or Adelaide COG Digital are the team for you.

COG Digital are a proven Sydney SEO agency and we are great at what we do – because we love it! Clients take advantage of our SEO services to get on Google’s radar and increase lead generation and conversion rates. From core SEO services our clients often become an SEM client, and Email Marketing client, and a eCommerce client….

Our clients enjoy reliable Google rankings delivered by COG Digital SEO consultants who care about your success. While ranking in Google is great – making more sales and achieving business growth is nicer.
If you need more revenue for your business, pursue a ‘white-hat’ organic strategy from a leading Sydney SEO team.

Website front end copy is a waste if it’s not interwoven with SEO. It needs to consider critical elements like word count, keywords and page location. While SEO is technical, Google is very clever these days and the content needs to be relevant, well written and deliver something of worth.

With effective SEO content, you’ll be easily found by your prospective customers, and you’ll stay in their minds for longer too. Get better leads, more conversions and even more money in the bank. Who doesn’t like the sound of that?

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Dropshipping is a business model. The business model works like this – An order fulfilment method that does not require a business to keep products in stock. Instead, the Shopify store sells the product, and passes on the sales order to a third-party supplier, who then manages the logistics and sends the order to the customer.

Oberlo is a perfect solution to the drop shipping business model. In just a couple of clicks, Oberlo enables you to source your products, customize the product details, then push them into your Shopify eCommerce website, ready to sell to your targeted customers. Oberlo is perfect for a side project, a passion-project or a full time career change and business opportunity. Oberlo offers the tools and services to assist you in starting your own online eCommerce business. A key element to Oberlo is that it’s free to get started, and is justified by the fact that more than 100 million products have been sold using Oberlo.

Think of Oberlo as the support mechanism and brain to your own Oberlo dropshipping virtual warehouse filled with products from all different types of manufactures of electronics, beauty, apparel and fashion, kids toys and automotive parts. Oberlo can bring this to life.

Ideally, with the help of a Digital marketing Agency like COG Digital, the trick is to discover the audience, the right product and the right price, and deploying to a live warm makret on the right channel at the exact right time – it’s a science. And COG Digital Dropshipping Marketing Agency will assist you in finding the right products to sell, how to brand them, deliver them to market and then isolate the most appropriate customers to buy your products.

Oberlo will allow you to test out new products and prices without allocating budget upfront. The test-the-market opportunity from Oberlo makes it a very reactive yet sensible approach to eCommerce trade. Nobody wants garage filled with t-shirts with 2020 Tokyo Olympics in their garage right?!  Oberlo ensures your living room isn’t filled with with rolls of sticky tape, platsic bags, boxes and shipping labels. Oberlo Dropshipping is totally legitimate and a real opportunity. You just need to align with the right Dropshipping Marketing Digital Agency.

CO Digital can assist you build your online store, and do the selling. Oberlo will get you started with your product  suppliers that will sort the inventory, and ship orders directly to your shoppers. Oberlo ensures there’s no paying suppliers until your customers make a fully financially confirmed eCommerce checked out payment to you.  COG Digital ensure all our clients understand that you can’t believe the overnight success stories, this is a myth. The key is dedication and a heads down keep work ethic which will get you online success. Plus, you need to refine, retool, research, refine again and test the market.

Dropshipping is no get-rich-quick scheme, and while others have made tons of money, it doesn’t mean it’s easy. Oberlo gives you this opportunity. Again, just need to muscle up and have a shot, but be smart, partner with a Dropshipping Agency like COG Digital. Oberlo offers the tools to self-start your business, and our Sydney Dropshipping marketing company is here in support. We respect everybody that is doing this sort of business, and support all efforts, the best rise to the top!

To get started with Oberlo is easy. First join Oberlo for free. Then, Find and customize your products and add them to your Shopify eCommerce website store. Then, start marketing to your customers! There are tons of rich features in Oberlo, such as literally millions of products. But you need to nail down your niche, and discover the best digital marketing strategy for your website and products which should be based from your research, trend and insights. Then, the next step is getting COG Digital to assist adding products directly to your Shopify website with Oberlo.

Oberlo contains powerful product data which assist in finding the rising products and categories, the high-potential products and hidden gold that trend spotting is coughing up. The Oberlo data available allows you to focus on your product discovery and seek out your winning product formula (COG Digital are great partners here). Oberlo allows easy customization of your product listings and to hand-pick your photos, update product descriptions and product titles, and deliver your Shopify website a the branded aesthetic that will resonate with your customer and begin to build a relationship with them. Oberlo also supplies 24/7 customer support and can answer questions about running an online Shopify Dropshipping store. It’s also available in 6 languages like English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Portuguese. Some customers will attest that Oberlo has completely streamlined their entire business model, and inlfuences things like how they run our Facebook pages and Google digital lead generation.

Learn More about Shopify DropShipping Marketing via Oberlo click here 

Digital Marketing

Ads That Keep You Ahead Of The Curve. Drive Return On Investment With Expert Digital Marketing.

From COG Digitals founding in 2008 to the today, digital marketing has always been at the core of how we help our clients. Its a broad term made up of many moving parts but its business critical activity.

The Digital marketing suite of services is a detailed collective of online activities that we’ve honed into a fine art, with teams dedicated to our clients unique goals and outcomes, we work alongside you in a collaborative process to smash through your challenges and get results.

We know there is no one-size-fits-all approach. For COG Digital Sydney agency, smarter digital marketing means getting to know our clients business, we need to understand what makes their business tick, then building a custom solution from the ground upwards to help them reach their goals. Smarter digital marketing means knowing what tools and strategy is needed from the brief – we’re really good at this.

Our digital marketing Skills and services include paid performance and organic search, Social media campaigns in Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, direct, content, funnel, video, nurture, awareness, data-driven insights and marketing optimisation, Custom-created lead generation campaigns.

COG Digital is an independent digital marketing agency obsessed with performance. We focus on digital marketing activity that begins looking at customer acquisition right though to executing and measuring advertising solutions that deliver scalable results

We know our clients want to have digital marketing that delivers immediate, measurable and effective results while building recognition for their brand. We also know that our clients want to attribute the impact of customer actions back to their advertising. Our services for our clients deliver instructions such as knowing what levers to pull to optimise our clients cross platform advertising performance. Our approach is to employ a data-centric approach to confidently predict future outcomes and utilise tools to unearth actionable insights that inform strategy (COG Strategy is our strategic arm of COG Branding).

COG Digital is 100% Australian and we’re proud to employ and support Australian careers and new web design graduates from university and college. Utilising the strength of the COG Branding Group, all our clients design and branding projects receive the support from the structure of the COG Branding group enables high quality design outcomes for all our clients branding projects.

Learn more about Digital Marketing services and click here or call  (02) 9523 6007.

Leadership and Experience

COG Branding is led by Luke SullivanA dynamic Sydney-born professional with a diverse design and marketing career, Luke leads the Sydney branding agency as a knowledgeable and dynamic captain at the helm. With professional experience across numerous industries, Lukes’ leadership at COG Branding is brand aware and business considerate, which ensures that all brand and marketing briefs big and small are driven through to commercial success.

The benefit of having a Managing Director with professional hands-on-the-tools experience ensures the transfer of real working knowledge throughout the agency. It also offers the COG Branding service offering great depth and an honest transparent value.

For myself, directing COG Digital has brought truth to the statement ‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life’. I have a passion for creative design and strategic thinking, these elements will always be at my core. My aim is to have COG Branding Group remain as a respected brand resource for our clients today, and those of tomorrow. What I know to be true is that transforming the brands of our clients to success is a privilege, while it is also a thrill. Creating great business and new relationships is only a phone call away, so get in touch and build your brand with us!