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Our Digital Marketing team are professionally trained in nurturing brand storylines and building engagement via the Facebook platform. Our Sydney social media specialists and professionals at digital strategy and generating creative Facebook Advertising content for businesses just like yours.

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Our Sydney Digital Agency with our Facebook Advertising Managers are experts in understanding the complicated Facebook environment, the Facebook Business Manager and the Facebook feed.

COG Digital understand how to primarily connect Facebook as a key digital touchpoint to your business and brand, so it’s linked in to your business.

Our goal for all our Facebook clients is to connect their brand with their business by seamlessly integrating Social Media touchpoints. The COG Digital approach is to ensure Facebook Advertising performs as a functional digital asset within the broader digital footprint of the business. Our focus is to have the Facebook account to perform in unison with the other digital brand assets

COG Digital Facebook Focus

Our greater focus is to create a through-the-line consistent digital brand map that communicates to each individual community, though delivers a clear coherent and consistent brand voice and business positioning. Facebook is great at doing this in a couple of different ways. Mostly it’s a entertainment channel for rich media and video content to inspire and engage a specific community, depending on the product and service offering of the brand and business. And it’s also great for sharing links to websites, downloadable content and other types of off channel media.

Facebook Connecting With Instagram

As Instagram is under the Facebook umbrella, our Sydney Digital Advertising Agency are professionals at connecting the Facebook Business Manager platform to Instagram. This enables your brands Facebook channel to serve ads via the Facebook Business Manager and into a Instagram account, often simultaneously. Simply using the power of Facebook Business and Advertising manager and it’s advertising engine.

Facebook Content and Design Strategy

The COG Digital Facebook Advertising team are experts at ensuring the engagement (like / share / comment) and impressions for any Facebook Campaign is not by accident.

The COG Digital Sydney Marketing Team team is comprised of marketing strategists that intimately understand social media marketing, and also the technical components of the Facebook platform itself. We have in house graphic designers that are lead by senior Creative Directors that understand how to manage our clients brands, pull out key call to actions and identify the most appropriate graphic assets that will stimulate our clients audience to take action.

COG Digital marketing managers are career professionals who understand the key mechanisms that drive social media advertising across the Facebook Advertising Network. The below top 10 key elements to Facebook advertising is an overview that assists our team and our clients converse on how we target and how we deploy Facebook advertising.

Facebook Advertising Formats – The basics of Facebook ads.

  • Photo Ads: brands can reveal their storylines via engaging rich media and imagery. From inspiring people to understand your brand and its offer, or to make decisions and take action. Facebook Photo Advertising offers a straight forward and simple creative brand opportunity.
  • Video Ads: Facebook Video Advertising offers the a heightened immersive advertising experience and quality. The power of motion visuals and a soundtrack is hard to ignore. With long format video opportunities and a forever fluid video off feed lane, the level of engagement here is increasing daily making this a powerful element of Facebook.
  • Carousel Ads: Facebook Carousel Advertising bring an additional layer of depth to FB advertising. Your audience can swipe to see a reel of curated and design considered images and an all important call to action button that can drift a user out to a brands website and eCommerce website.

Each brand and business has a different requirement from their Digital Marketing activities, and also what sort of campaigns and messages are deployed on the Facebook channel. The COG Digital agency are experts at delivering bespoke and customised Facebook strategies for each and every digitally focused brand – every brand is different and so is our Facebook management approach.



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The Top 10 Tips For Facebook Advertising

1. Powerful and Engaging Images

For social media Facebook Advertising is the premiere content sharing platform. The entire experience for the channel is based on the delivery of engaging content. So in simple terms, if the content is weak, the performance will match. All successful Facebook accounts have amazing consistent brand experience content. Great Content!

To ensure your Facebook Advertising translates into currency and ads to the eCommerce component of your digital marketing, all brands need to understand that great engaging content also increase brand reputation, brand recall and build the all important brand equity. Anything poor in quality basically erodes any of these previous items. When we design clients Facebook content we nurture the feed and send through examples to ensure we bring to life through powerful and engaging rich media.

2. Don’t Drill The Branding Messages

What is mandatory is to add value and offer your audience something of worth, always. It can be as simple as a laugh, after all Social Media isn’t meant to be all serious business all the time. A key rule of branding is to look great and remain functional. So you don’t need to continually need to ram home the brand sell with every piece of content or dropping links to your website. Selling all the time will not build an authentic community, consumers hate being sold to all the time.

It’s always tempting to splash your logo on every bit of content, but when your brand overshadows your content it detracts from a couple of things. 1) The algorithm that serves your content sometimes hate this and will not deliver reach to your whole audience. Algorithms are smart, they know you’re trying to sell for free on their channel, but they offer advertising so they’d rather get you to use this instead of relying on organic reach. Over time this has become Social Media 101. Your Facebook creative elements should be a strategic mix of sell, inspire, engage, inform.

When including your logo in your Facebook Advertising content, make it subtle. Otherwise, focus on an iconic creative direction that stands out from the crowd and owns a feeling“.

3. Aim For Zero Text In The Image Content

Note: Having text all over your image will really hurt its ability to be served. Keep the visuals, visual. Let your audience sink into your images as opposed to having them reading graphics and text overlays and then also in the caption. Your FB Ads should look like a genuine organic piece of content that don’t include any interruptions on the image itself.

Facebook’s focus is the photography – Facebook is the social channel for creativity and visual art. FB Advertising will also drive a short text performance statistics too, so that can’t be ignored. While Facebook cruels text on images it is almost the same.

4. Get Your Words Down and Cut-Through Up

To be honest, this one is tough. Facebook has began to provide headspace for long-form content – though it technically isn’t the platform for it. But! Users determine what the platform is used for  right…. so maybe it is. But for the purpose of clear direction let’s firmly decide that your FB Ad should look like a genuine organic piece of content, a native post. It’ll deliver an above-average return on your Facebook Adverting investment.

Facebook’s focus is the ability to reach everyone, somehow – Facebook is the social channel for reach and dominance. FB Advertising will also drive a short text performance statistics too, so that can’t be ignored.

5. Research > Deploy >Research > Deploy > Refine!

Facebook has achieved amazing market share and popularity and has become such a powerful platform for businesses that they integrated the Instagram platform into their Business and Ad Manager.

So, as we’re a Sydney Facebook Advertising Agency, we can easily cross over and extend the exact same research, insight, strategy and deployment methodology directly across to the Instagram platform.

You need to test your ads, and not assume that your Facebook audience be the same or provide the same return on investment when compared with instagram. So that’s why our Digital Marketers are careful to not become lazy and push FB content and advertising campaigns directly across to Instagram.

Through research the discovery of your target audience and what they like and their behaviours. And once this is complete there is no guarantee that the same process will provide the same ROI on Instagram. COG Digital Agency Sydney are experts at running test campaigns and A/B sets to understand the engagement before committing to fully backed ad sets.

6. Don’t Treat Facebook Like Other Social Media Channels

While the advertising platforms are doing similar things – that doesn’t automatically mean that they are the same. The unique user-behaviours and user demos are different and can’t be ignored when building social media content and executing digital marketing strategies.

7. Add That Call to Action

While organic content was how Facebook grew its popularity, it wasn’t long before Ads infiltrated everyones feed. Organic content doesn’t really reach who you want it to unless you spend your dollar on ads. So you need to provide organic content with a clear action call out. Otherwise it’ll be thumb scrolled into oblivion.

The Facebook Ads are basic Call To Actions that: Shop Now, Book Now, Learn More, Sign Up, Download, Watch Now, Contact Us, and Apply Now. These CTA’s will be the start of actual results from your Facebook advertising

8. If You Talk Up A Big Offer – Back It Up With Your Website

COG Digital are lucky in that we’re a full service digital agency and have a full inhouse web development team designing websites and driving eCommerce functionality. So our social media team can always ensure our landing pages for our clients Facebook ads are top shelf and all class. And THAT is mandatory and digital marketing 101. A bad landing page will kill your conversion rate and waste your time.

When a killer Facebook Ad Campaign that is driving engagement and clicks to a website landing that page that is not mobile optimised God forbid….  they’ll likely bounce out and waste everyones time and your ad budget.

Obviously Facebook is a mobile first platform. Each click will be mobile focused so the user journey path needs to consider this mobile environment and be fine tuned.

9. Can Seem Lame – But Use Hashtags

Facebook is hashtag savvy, it will use it. While many try to stuff the hashtag or hide the hashtag – its key to getting found. The first tip when creating Facebook ads is to include a hashtag or 10.

Adding hashtags is a mandatory, and double figures here will actually perform. Though aesthetically it bloats the content and can have the brand coming off that it’s trying too hard – which is true. The psychology here is difficult, while you want to perform you need to keep a higher level of esteem and show people your brand is here to look great, not just ‘perform’.

You need to use the right HT’s and make sure that you understand how they connect with you target audience on the platform. Hashtags are often easily misinterpreted, so you need to pay attention here to the finer detail.

10. Social Media Strategy Mandatory: User Generated Content

Sustainable, long-term growth is built from audience engagement and the trust in each other. Creating trust with your advertisements on Facebook is made possible by user generated content – or more commonly known as “Influencers”.

An influencer is someone who has the power to affect the purchasing decisions of others because of their authority. He or She may also have knowledge, social status or relationship with his or her audience that follows a distinct niche, with whom he or she actively engages. The size of the following depends on the size of his/her topic of the niche. These individuals are not only marketing tools, but social relationship brand assets with which can collaborate to achieve their marketing objectives.

One of the most trusted forms of advertising online is “recommendations from people I know”. Not only is user generated content (influencers) great for trust, but these type of photos also tend to meet the criteria of some of the earlier points above.

COG Digital make it easy for any brand and business no matter what the size or industry achieve success online via a Facebook Campaigns.

The Facebook and social media solutions that COG Digital deliver our Australian business network perform because they deliver against the brand objectives while connecting to the core business objective.

Our full service digital agency supports all digital marketing and online functionality so our approach is multi-channel focused and proven.

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    Social Media Marketing

    A study by Direct Marketing found that 57% of consumers say they’re influenced to think more highly of a business after seeing positive comments in the business’ social media feeds (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn). Social media is a two-way street. The most effective way to obtain sales is to respond within a 15 minute time frame. Creating a heightened brand awareness is one of the key things a great social channel will do for your brand.


COG Digital is the Sydney Facebook Agency developing dynamic and authentic Social Media  Strategies for all brands and businesses needing a strong digital marketing game to support their marketing suite.

Our Sydney Facebook Agency focus on value with our Facebook Strategies, which is why every client we onboard starts with a social media audit that includes audience mapping, content control, brand cut through and previous activity. COG Digital Facebook Programs conclude with a comprehensive Facebook Account Report that delivers analytics and traffic data, including impressions, likes, shares, follows, comments and clicks!

COG Digital Sydney pass on our knowledge directly to our clients. We create the best relationships when we’re working together towards a common goal. It’s in our interests as a leading Sydney Digital Marketing Agency to share what we know works for Facebook Advertising Campaigns – together we can do our best work. We also engage COG Strategy and the Social Media Strategy Services which support all COG Digital services.

Win With Facebook and Achieve Social Media Success!

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