Google Mobile First Index – Get Ready!

Get ready! The forever evolving Google is changing its algorithm to a mobile-first index.

This means it will be ranking your website pages primarily based on the quality of its mobile experience.

Google has been talking about this since September 2015 so this isn’t new. Close to the end of 2016 and we still don’t have a launch date, though don’t think this isn’t forgotten, it’ll be with us within months.

When this change does happen – don’t be one of those companies that kicks back, waiting for the specific detail sbeofre acting on your mobile situation. COG Digital are ready for this change and we want to help you get ready too. Our Google partner team offers this checklist to make sure you’re in the mobile game for 2017.

Question 1: Is your company website mobile responsive?

Solution: Create a mobile version of your website by making the desktop version responsive.
Alternatively, COG Digital can create a separate Don’t forget to check mobile site!

Question 2: Your website loads fast on all devices (less than 3 seconds)?

Solution: Run your website through an online tool like Google’s PageSpeed Insights:
Make sure to then implement recommendations as otherwise you’ll still be left out in the dark.

Question 3: Have you verified all versions of your company website in Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster?

Solution: Verify your websites in Google Search Console or Bing Webmaster Tools. Make sure you include http/https, www/non-www & m. versions of your website. Make sure you also perform a Weekly Check Crawl Error report.

Question 4: Have you have tested Googlebots so it has access to your website?

Solution: Run a [Robots.txt][/Robots.txt] testing tool, and add a sitemap.xml.

Question 5: All importantly does your website look great on mobile?

Solution: Check the mobile version of your website on all common Smartphone models (iPhone, Samsung etc). Minimise the use of Flash as some smart phones don’t use Flash). Make sure there are no pop ups and, be sure to include your CTA above the fold.

Question 5: Run Google Mobile Friendly test.

Test here:

For assistance with your company website and its mobile effectiveness, get in touch with COG Digital today (02) 9523 6007. Learn more about how COG Digital can solve your mobile issues > Digital Services for Mobile.

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