Graphical User Interface Design

COG Digital deliver intuitive Graphical User Interface Design (GUI) based on logic. We serve function.

Our methodology for GUI includes a clear and detailed brief that identifies the device, the environment, the technology, the user and above all the expected conversion for the particular page or website.

The COG Digital approach to Graphical User Interface Design considers our clients users and the information they require from the website pages.

We know that if we design GUI to deliver against user requirements, we’ll meet our clients expectations – though COG Digital design team has a passion for exceeding expectations, our clients, their users and ours.

COG Digital are professionals in the design of Graphical User Interfaces and for desktop and laptop computers, tablets and handheld devices such as mobile and smart phones – we’re experts at designing for responsive GUI environments as well as static GUI environments. We also design interfaces for touchscreen and wayfinding devices for public space environments, including transport and commuter entertainment communications.

The COG Digital Graphical User Interface Design approach considers our clients users and the information they require from the website page.

Our website designers use their design savvy to deliver against the brief, though our approach also sees it paramount to include numerous fundamentals within our website design approach such as considering above the fold content, using icons and imagery where possible, understanding the desired conversion rates and click through rates, using colour as a design element, using the right sort of fonts and including forms and boilerplate features where required. Our consideration to digital strategy and digital tactics make our approach to website and interface design a results focused performance service.

What makes COG Digital Sydney website design unique is that our designers work alongside our developers, and our project manager oversees both process and communicates with clarity directly to our clients.

When designing Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) COG Digital approach with an innovative and creative cap on.

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