Payment Transactions

We know you need a trusted professional eCommerce and Finance partner to integrate your business financial platforms with your eCommerce website and payment systems.

You need your supplier to be affordable, knowledgable, astute and understand what is the most appropriate Payment Transaction Software for your business. Plus, you’d like an Australian to offer aftercare support and ensure it’s secure.

We implement eCommerce Payment Transaction systems for Websites & Businesses Needing eComm Solutions.

There are different payment methods for online transactions. COG Digital are experienced in ensuring our clients make the most appropriate decisions when selecting their online payment method. While credit cards are obviously a popular method of online payment, they can be an expensive option for smaller SME merchants to accept because of transaction fees. There are alternatives depending the scale of the online store such as wallets like PayPal and eWay.

COG Digital understands that our clients aren’t eCommerce geniuses, to start doing business online we make it easy for you. Our website developers have designed easy eCommerce Payment Transaction solutions for many satisfied customers, and we understand that most of our clients have a key objective of reaching more customers with their own 24-hour online shop.

With a COG Digital eCommerce Payment Transaction solution you’ll be able to supply your customers a secure and reliable shopping opportunity and be able to keep track of your business with real-time transaction reporting.

We know that credit cards are one of the most popular online payment methods because of the ease and convenience, and we’re stringent in our processes to protect the credit card details of our clients, customers and donors. We implement the services of MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa, and install security certificates with every eCommerce project.

When developing payment solutions for our clients we also consider that different credit card brands have varied transaction costs. We choose the most appropriate solution based on the business position, strategy and reality of the customers purchase amounts and volume of expected sales.

COG Digital can integrate alternative eCommerce Payment Transaction methods to meet client requirements. Online payment services such as PayPal, Paymate, Stripe, eWAY ZipPay and AfterPay, are examples of common online payment service providers that act as intermediaries between merchants and consumers that are some of our solutions. These online payment providers allow our clients customers to pay by credit card or EFT (electronic funds transfer) without you the merchant having access to their credit card or bank account details.


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