Ecommerce Integration

We know you need a trusted professional IT partner to integrate your business digital assets and eCommerce infrastructure.

You want the services to be affordable, accurate, logical, relevant to what the business needs to achieve and be robust and reliable. Plus, you’d like an Australian to look offer aftercare support and ensure it’s secure.

COG Digital are experts at eCommerce Integration. We plug core business process applications into websites.

The COG Digital skill is that we know how to integrate your businesses eCommerce Products into your company website, and how to take it directly to your audience. Your eCommerce solution is an essential component in achieving online success, and we understand that Online Shopping and eCommerce Business is firmly entrenched as a standard method for consumers to purchase goods and services. We have proven experience that spans a broad range of vendor integrations. Our services are an essential component for a business needing to achieve success online and realise growth via selling products and services in B2C and B2B environments.

Our eCommerce Integration Solutions assist our clients by ensuring they avoid some of the most common eCommerce integration implementation issues. Our experienced web developers that are all located in our Sydney Web Development Studio assess all eCommerce integration projects in terms of scope, complexity and budget so that the implementation is smooth and efficient project, and the end result is one that the initial client brief that was presented to COG Digital is delivered.

COG Digital eCommerce developers are skilled at executing seamless e-commerce integration into existing ERP, POS and CRM solutions. Our flexible, scalable, robust implementations are ideal for big-game thinkers who want to improve performance.

  • Marketplace integration such as eBay and Amazon.
  • Back office system integrations and work flow automation.
  • Custom specification merchandising, content management and transactional requirements.
  • Mobile Commerce, Banking Platforms And Payments
  • CRM And ERP Integration
  • Enterprise-Grade eCommerce Solutions
  • PCI Compliance
  • Complex Payment And Transactions

We assist in consulting with our clients to ensure they make the best choices regarding what third party eCommerce solutions and applications should be integrated. By understanding the core business goals we make astute recommendations for our clients, and implement them when required.

COG Digital aim for seamless and robust solutions for all our clients.


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