Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

COG Digital is a marketing agency with Pay Per Click advertising as a key pillar to our methodologies for small business. Lead generation and brand awareness strategies begin with PPC campaigning.

COG Digital's approach is underpinned by Pay Per Click advertising (PPC). Small brands need an intelligent paid media strategy, and PPC is key.

COG Digital marketing agency in Sydney provides sophisticated PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising solutions for all types of business and brand.

COG Digital is a Sydney digital marketing agency, specialising in Pay Per Click (PPC). Our paid performance marketing experts understand that most high intent customers for most businesses will commence their own research, beginning with key digital channels such as Google Search, Social Media platforms like Facebook and professional networking sites like LinkedIn.

Pay Per Click advertising works in unison with Search Engine Marketing (SEM), the key pillar for a companies digital marketing strategy. COG Digital focuses on building owned media assets for our clients, predominantly this is a website, but without traffic and high intent users the website will remain dormant. Pay Per Click advertising is the most appropriate short-term lead generation strategy and core driver of immediate traffic. COG Digital is also a web development agency so we understand at website launch the website will not get indexed at reach first page of organic Google search on page one immediately, thus a Pay Per Click marketing campaign will speed up the websites perform goals.

As a leading Sydney digital marketing agency COG Digital is a certified across numerous platforms that offer a PPC advertising opportunity. This means that our digital marketers are officially recognised for the Pay Per Click marketing services we deliver our clients. Following best practise, focusing on legitimacy and trust – COG Digital follow have earned experience and are reliable provide of PPC advertising solutions.

Our team follow the latest trends and keep up to date using tools like Google Ads, Search Console and Analytics to read data and understand what our activities are achieving for our clients. COG Digital have also invested heavily in providing customer service to their data and results by providing portals like COG Analytics so they can access their data 24/7. We integrate our digital marketing services and ensure our Content Marketing plans intersect with paid performance PPC initiatives.

As people spend more time on social channels and digital platforms, Pay Per Click campaigning will continually remain a key strategy to meet your top and bottom of funnel audience with your company offer. COG Digital PPC campaigning includes a our team seeking a comprehensive understanding of your brand strategy, style guidelines, content planner and strategy plus any other seasonal variations in your business trade to ensure the CPC and CTR are as focused and optimised as possible. We’re performance focused and bolt in clear KPI’s for our PPC strategy that include conversions such as an online purchase, an online booking, a referral to friends and phone calls.

We know that PPC advertising can drive the cost per acquisition (CPA) for our clients, so our management style includes daily processes such as budget pacing and monitoring of our clients accounts. Our commitment to the Pay Per Click advertising service sees our experts constantly adapting and pivoting campaign parameters to continually bring in the highest quality traffic leads to ensure we;’re growing our clients business and brand.


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