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Consider Mobile Apps – recent research suggests that solutions for many emerging online marketing issues will be found within Mobile Apps.

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June 19, 2016

Consider Mobile Apps – recent research suggests that solutions for many emerging online marketing issues will be found within Mobile Apps.

We begin with the almighty and often overlooked Customer Experience. In the age of the hyperconnected consumer, brands and businesses have to design customer experiences that ensure they meet customer expectations and provide a seamless experience on all channels.

To succeed today any branded business needs to communicate effectively with their mobile consumer – this audience can’t be ignored. Understanding your audiences mobile web behaviour and content consumption patterns is a great place to start. A multitude of new digital media formats lets brands amplify their reach, but they need to be prepared to be innovative in order to combat ad blocking and the costliness of new media formats.

Last year was no doubt the year of mobile, as messaging apps exploded and started to converge with social networks. Another standout trend was ad blocking, as software became easily accessible to both desktop and mobile browsers. For COG Digital this means a readiness to innovate is key. And speaking of innovation, new media formats gained popularity in new apps like Snapchat, and were experimented by foundation social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. So in a world where brands can get their message across on a multitude of channels, COG Digital understand how much it costs to create content for this environment, and today we are heading towards recommending mobile apps for brands that are light on budget and resources but need long lasting results.

COG Digital is an established Sydney based Australian digital media agency motivated to provide our clients advanced digital marketing solutions that make a commercial difference in their business performance and to their brand equity.

There are many different digital marketing opportunities available for any business to take into consideration. While we help all our clients from the ground up, knowing the key business outcome is what sets COG Digital part from the others. Below are a few areas to consider when you’re making important digital marketing and mobile decisions for your brand and business.

COG Digital are experts at the Digitial Marketing services –

• Social Media: Strategy & Management.
• Content Marketing: Strategy, Development & Management.
• SEO & SEM: Strategy & Management.
 Analytics & Traffic: Optimisation, Management & Reporting.
• eNews Marketing: Strategy & Management.

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