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    COG Digital is proud to deliver the Magento eCommerce CMS Website Design for the Carve Eyewear brand.

  • The Brief. 

    Carve approached COG Digital with a brief to deliver the eCommerce responsive website and development for the global eyewear brand.

    The brief from Carve to our Sydney Digital Agency went much deeper than building a simple website. The business includes local, national and global logistics and warehousing of imported products, plus a global wholesale and retail network. So, the digital solutions needed to consider API’s, FTP’s, SEO, SEM and 3PL’s. (plus custom PHP environments that hadn’t been updated with version control in over 15 years… but that’s the dirty laundry).

  • The Client.

    CARVE is an Australian based and owned eyewear surf and snow brand established in 1998.

    The brand has a both presence domestically and internationally selling in 30 counties, with a core goal to supply quality premium performance eyewear that won’t buckle the bank account.

    Carve covers a wide range of sports and lifestyles including surfing, snow lifestyle brand. Marquee team riders Keanu Asing, Clay Marzo and Stu Kennedy fly the Carve flag on the world stage with a host of local chargers and young guns from a range of sports building the brand from the grass roots up.



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  • The Third Party Audit.

    Our website development skills, front end and back end, were audited by an Amazon owned eCommerce Consultancy. Their methodology obviously being top-notch, it was put up against the COG Digital eCommerce CMS product we supplied Carve Sunglasses.

    Their Customer Experience Audit highlights a few key elements as below.

    Unguided User Journey: They start by taking an unguided user journey through the site and noting any blockers as we go.

    Best Practice Examples: For each opportunity area they provide best practice examples from your competitive set and other UX leaders.

    Scorecard: Audit execution and performance across main revenue driving pages across the site to uncover gaps, highlight areas for concern and identify opportunities to accelerate.

    Deduplicate: They review full set of recommendations to identify any common themes or similar recommendations that can be consolidated to one task or project.

    Qualify Impact & Effort: They qualify the impact and effort required to implement the recommendations.

    Prioritisation: They prioritise all recommendations based on their expected revenue impact and estimated level of effort to execute.

  • The Results.

    From the entire 103 page audit, there was more than 300 updates advised to achieve a incremental  increase of 0.52% in conversion. This would have come at a total labour cost of 250 development hours. 

    The COG Digital product was exceeding 80% in score across multiple pages and over achieved against the initials scope of work. In review, the eCommerce Magento CMS website we delivered Carve Sunglasses was hard to fault, and could only be marginally optimised to achieve a further small percentage increase in eCommerce sales.

    We were compared to and directly audited against huge eCommerce players such as The Iconic, Asos, General Pants, Adidas, Hype DC – which says to us what we developed was playing in the right game.

    We’re a proud 100% Australian website development team who operate with transparency, trust and good old fashion work ethic. We welcome audits of the websites we design and develop. If you like the Magento eCommerce Website we delivered for Carve Sunglasses – hopefully our Sydney Digital Agency can build your business its next eCommerce website. 

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  • The COG Digital Solution.

    The approach focused on setting up a solid foundation of digital asset to enable the brand to scale up its digital business and achieve maximum return for each dollar spent across eCommerce, both domestically and internationally, and to also support traditional retail marketing through the wholesale indent selling model. 

    The COG Digital skill is in selecting the most appropriate technology for our clients, more often than it’s to allow the business to grow into their digital footprint, not to out date it in 12 months. We considered free, open-source, self-hosted CMS platforms Magento 2.0 Community Version and the October CMS on the Laravel Framework.

    The brief included a hosting and version control Service Level Agreement, which needed to include and CDN. There would also be a Digital Marketing SLA (SEO, SEM, Email Marketing). The third party extensions required by the brand to perform at a premium included Google Shopping, Google Dynamic Remarketing, Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Remarketing, Email Marketing, Cart Abandonment, Gift Cards and product cart discounts and shipping discounts.

    Integration of the businesses POS system was also researched and a cost benefit analyse performed.

  • The Results.

    A robust client updatable CMS and a fully managed eCommerce hosting environment. Also including a digital marketing plan that achieved 12 months of month-on-month growth and ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) pushing 500%+.

    With a ton of SEO works included SEM Rush assessments, backlinking and directory strategy, metadata and on page reviews, the organic performance of the website continues to perform in combination with a strong Google Ad program. The COG Digital product was also audited by a Amazon owned UX (User Experience) agency, and we passed with an average of over 90% per category. So, the industry deemed our Magento eCommerce CMS and Digital Marketing work a success as does the market today with the website achieving sales growth year on year.

  • COG Digital was founded over 10 years ago!

    We’re experts at generating ideas that connect brand to business.

    As a core Digital Marketing Agency, we have experience working in a broad range of industries and business sectors.

    Our digital solutions deliver true measurable results for our clients, which is why we are entrusted with hundreds of brands. Our focus is to build brand equity, ensuring business is supported by an active brand delivering leads, voice and value. Over the years we’ve gathered intelligence on each industry and have built digital portfolios on how to drive the best results for our clients through innovative marketing and first class digital branding assets.

    To the right are just some of the clients that we’ve worked alongside to help them achieve their Digital Marketing Communication goals.

    If you or your business want to get serious about Digital Marketing then you can trust COG Digital’s experience and knowledge base.


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What Our Clients Say

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    Steve Cope – Director Knockout Pest Control

  • We have worked with COG Digital for a few years now developing online marketing programs and running extensive Google Adwords management. Their strategies are on point resulting on year-on-year growth 3 years running

  • Testinomials-kf

    Karly Foster – Business Development Boystown Dunlea Centre

  • We gave COG Digital a big brief for social media leads, and as a Sutherland Shire charity with not a lot of budget to spend, they nailed it. Strategic thinkers with sound processes in place. They have a lot of knowledge and are willing to share it enabling our team to become better skilled along the way.

COG Digital is a Sydney Digital Marketing Agency.

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With the right digital management tactics and products the digital marketing of any brand will perform as a powerful business asset, delivering a performance based style of marketing activity.

The COG Digital goal is to ensure all hours and dollars spent towards digital conversion is justified, managed and delivering results.

Our digital producers and marketeers are strategic in how they view your brand and its online communication. COG Digital pursues commercial outcomes for our clients – we start with brand.

A brands digital marketing is how the core elements of the businesses brand is communicated directly to its targeted audience. Your brands customers are emotionally engaged on specific digital platforms and stimulated by specific content that cuts through and makes an impact. The COG Digital focus is to reinforce that initial ‘turn-on’ moment.

COG Digital provides digital marketing solutions for all types of brands. With the assistance from COG Strategy our offer in directing digital strategy is well supported and considered – we ensure a professional and premium result.

Importantly our Sydney based digital team understands that all our clients brands are different, and that’s why the COG Digital team love our job.

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