Video Marketing

Video Marketing

We know you need a trusted professional partner for motion and video marketing creation for your brand and business. You’d like your videographer to have the right equipment, be affordable, understand what shots will deliver best for the brand, product and the platform the content is going to be deployed on. Plus, you’d like to have the files post production to use in the future.

COG Digital Sydney Agency are producers of video and short film. We tell motion stories.

Our Video Editors are based in our Sydney Digital Studio, creating engaging and innovative video and short film productions for a range of companies and clients. We direct, shoot, edit and take care of production for video and short film projects for all projects, businesses and brands. The COG Digital video and short film service considers our clients brief, budget and the commercial result which is required.

We know that if we take a full 360 approach to understanding what the end result needs to look like, we can then meet our clients budget and deliver against their audiences expectations.

COG Digital creates engaging, tailored, bespoke videos which promote business and brands. Our approach to video and short film as branded content is unique, as we consider the existing brand assets and equity to ensure there is a common thread represented throughout the video project prior to production. We’re all about ensuring we meet our clients brief and bringing things to the client conversation early in the piece to ensure expectations will be met.

The COG Digital video service suite delivers videos via a few key areas as below.

  • Live Action Animated Videos: Usually a more formal way of providing information to your potential customers and they create a personal connection with your audience.
  • Animation Videos: For promoting business and brand to promote new messaging and products.
  • Testimonial Videos: For converting new leads and potential customers using video as a powerful marketing tool.
  • Instructional Videos: Deliver a video tutorial for an audience more suited to video compared to written communication.
  • Educational Videos: Deliver video learning tools to engage with students in an innovative format.
  • Social Media Videos: Increase social channel engagement of your users and followers by adding video to the media suite.
  • Photo Video Montage: The delivery of photos via video can be a more dynamic format when compared with website image slider galleries.

COG Digital are professionals with on location and in studio video productions. We create videos for property development videos, real estate videos, promotional videos, educational videos, Sales, Product and Service Overview videos, Social Media videos, Instructional videos, Customer Interview videos, Testimonial videos and specific Case Study videos.

Short films and videos often use animation3D and CGI graphics, and photography. COG Digital is supported by COG Design and COG Strategy, which we bring to the project early on in the briefing stage for conversation if we think the project may benefit from this resource.



What Your Campaign to Sizzle?!

Event Reels, Hype Reels, Sizzle Reels… We do it!

We shoot drone videos, aerial videography and remote access locations across Australia. COG Digital offers all types of commercial videography and photography. We ensure your marketing campaign vision becomes a reality. Our videographers based in Sydney build video marketing content for all types of businesses and brands.

Drone and Aerial photography for Social Media and Brand Marketing Campaigns
Real Estate and Property Development
Aerial Photography for Events and Festivals
Building Development Progress Photography
Property Inspections and Remote Access