Search Experience Optimisation with Sydney Agency COG Digital

COG Digital is a Sydney digital agency providing Search Engine Experience and Search Experience Optimisation digital marketing services.

They evolution of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is now Search Experience Optimisation, and COG Digital are the digital agency in Sydney delivering this approach to digital marketing for our clients.

Our technology and our users behaviours has pushed us towards exiting the era of search engine optimization (SEO), and now we’ve entered the new age of search experience – Search Engine Experience (SEE). The big trick is that while search engines (e.g.: Google, Bing etc) have upgraded algorithms to account for the end-user’s experience built upon the work completed by crawling bots, it is still always a bot, and not truly simulating the actions of a human user.

Search engines now use logic algorithms based on user behavior metrics, what a user experience should be on a website. The criteria hasn’t changed; site speed, mobile Search Engine Optimisation, website architecture, digital content, and other signals that will give a Search Engine algorithm an idea of whether or not search engine users are getting what they expect from a website.

COG Digital pride ourselves on the fact we don’t approach SEO with a cookie cut methodology, we don’t propose any budge techniques or black hat methods in our SEO work. We still build websites and develop digital content to appeal to humans, not robots and algorithms. COG Digital sure as hell don’t pretend to offer anything but the best in traditional SEO, though we can’t ignore the fact that COG Digital specialise in dealing with humans first.

At COG Digital when our Sydney based website developers offer website design and single web page with the consideration to how it will appear in the Google search results, we begin by asking what our clients customers will be typing into the search engine. We know that many people today will ask questions, as opposed to punch in keywords that are associated with what they’re looking for. We ask questions just like our clients customers, and that’s our difference.

COG Digital are also social media savvy, we’re experts. We also insist our clients are supplying some form of engaging social media experiences. While not all clients need to have a strong active game on social media, we still pursue participation on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for all our clients, regardless or industry or market position. We know that Search Engine Experience takes signals and data from social media to whether a website is offering a positive user experience or not.


We’re true believers in Mobile search engine optimisation, and we’ve embraced mobile search or our clients. As smart phone searches account for a more search volume than desktop searches we insist on optimizing our clients websites for mobile traffic. It’s all part of Search Experience Optimisation. COG Digital also consider building in Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for our clients with heavy mobile traffic expectations. This is a great solution for our clients websites that don’t have  resources to overhaul their entire website, but need to make an effort to accommodate mobile users.

COG Digital are experts at measuring Analysis, Analytics and User Research for website traffic. We help our clients look for signals that reveal if their website is providing a positive user experience past mobile speed and onsite content. We assess metrics such as time on site, bounce rates, pages per visit, return visitor rates, and conversions (which we can set up such as inbound emails, phone calls, and form completion). This data delivers important insight as to whether our clients visitors are enjoying themselves once they cursing through our clients websites.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is now Search Experience Optimisation (SEO), it’s the new normal for any digital marketing strategy.

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