Google Ads Sutherland Shire

Google Ads Sutherland Shire

Strategic & comprehensive

Driving exceptional results using search, display, remarketing, programmatic and social ads.

Our experienced team of Sutherland Shire based AdWords specialists combine best practices with exceptional campaign management technology and client first approach.

Whether you’re an experienced AdWords Brand Manager or a newbie to Google AdWords – COG Digital are here to help.


COG Digital are experts at connecting your brand to your business and most importantly we ensure your clients are connected directly to your business using AdWords and Digital Strategy. We follow best practices with specialist skills in our Cronulla Studio and love to smash records and create happy clients.

Adwords & Paid Media

COG Digital are experts at managing the world’s most powerful channels to build real sustainable business leads. Our focus is to start multiplying visitors and sales with you as a performance-focused digital partner.

To start, first we will jump on a phone call together for to discuss a few important things like have you had experience with Pay-Per-Click Digital Marketing, and what sort of business you run, plus what sort of leads you require and who are your competitors.

Our Sutherland Shire Digital Agency follow a proven methodology of identifying, attracting and converting more of your most valuable customers online.
We focus on driving ROI and scale-up with precision. We ensure our AdWords Campaigns are measurable and look to explore multiple channels and new opportunities that deliver against the broader business objectives.

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Do you feel sick your stomach when your ads lose money?

Dear Business Builder,

Do you feel sick your stomach when your ads lose money?

Have you had small success with Facebook™ Ads or Google AdWords™ but just can’t seem to get your campaigns to scale profitably?

Or do you want to pull your hair out and scream at Facebook editor because it is seems like everyone else is creating winning ads but you?

Then stop everything you’re doing and read this right now.

Our Sutherland Shire Google AdWords Agency spends thousands on Facebook™ or Google AdWords™. We’ve generated a stack of core learning on how digital platforms like Facebook and Google DoubleClick work, compounding each time we’ve deployed a campaign online for our clients.

Over this time period, we’ve documented the most remarkable secrets for boosting Pay Per Click Ad performance to an astonishing degree. And, the best part in this is that you can directly benefit from our experience.

The COG Digital Agency in Cronulla know the secrets to Pay Per Click Ad targeting methods. We  unlock direct links to your audience – and we link them directly to your messages and offers.

It’s our job to get “Bang-For-Your-Buck” and skyrocket your business leads from Google AdWords Digital Marketing Traffic Plans. COG Digital is focused on saving yourself the time, pain and headaches of “learning” how to use these complicated interfaces and editors effectively.

Every second wasted without taking active steps in really driving your business online is another dollar lost to your competitors.

Comprehensive adwords and paid media management

You get a full AdWords and Performance Media management solution with COG Digital Agency, matched to your specific business and brand requirements. Any AdWords program can include this digital service suite:


Google AdWords – the world’s biggest online advertising network. Here your business can access Google’s users across the internet

  • Google Search – target online searchers by triggering your Google AdWords using the keywords your audiences use when entering searches, matching with strategic messages and website landing pages.
  • Google Display – delivers images, text and video ads as your target audience browse relevant websites.
  • Google Remarketing – reconnect with your audience that’ve been to your website before though not converted.
  • Google Shopping – serve your products in Google search and shopping services.
  • Google Video – promote your video and commercials to audiences directly on YouTube.
  • Google Mobile – push phone calls, mobile apps and deliver directions for your audience that use mobile devices.
  • Google DoubleClick Marketing Platform – connect with the biggest brands and publishers via ad inventory.
  • Google AdRoll – prospect new audiences and retarget with advanced methods.


Advanced Analytics – tracking form submissions, online transactions, user engagement and stand-out actions occurring on your website

Performance Focused Reporting – focused on providing transparent channel attribution, targets versus progress and insight-driven feedback about marketing performance.

Phone Tracking – capture phone calls to match them against your online digital campaigns.


Third Party Technologies – including emerging Artificial Intelligence innovations to assist in online targeting and Ad Bidding.

Network Provided – leveraging niche technology within each platform.

Inhouse Development – creating rules and scripts based on client business requirements.


Team of Sutherland Shire Specialists – we live and breathe Performance Media and who stay up-to-date in this fast moving space.

Qualified Consultants – recognised and certified as Search Partners.

Your all-in-one for small business. We know that small business in Australia requires a expert support partner that delivers results, provides value and ensures your business survives, grows and performs.

It’s About Your Business.

COG Digital is an independent digital marketing agency located in Cronulla, Sydney. Our focus is the survival, growth and performance of our clients businesses.

Established as a reliable digital marketing supplier with over a decade in business, we welcome new partnerships and look forward to solving new problems
with dynamic forward-thinking solutions.

We lead as a technology and small business consultancy while operating as a brand and marketing agency, providing our clients a unique offer that ensures small
Australian businesses and brands have the best advice, knowledge and support that increases their rates of survival, growth and performance.

By combining the strength of emotion in branding and the power of technology in software, sees COG Digital’s products and services purposefully designed to
create a sustainable go forward point for the brands and businesses that we are entrusted with.

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Leadership and experience is everything when seeking a trusted partner for your project and business support.

Leadership And Experience

COG Digital is led by Luke Sullivan. A dynamic Sydney-born professional with a diverse design and marketing career. Luke leads the marketing
agency as a knowledgeable and dynamic captain at the helm. With professional experience across numerous industries, Lukes’ leadership at
COG Digital is brand aware and business considerate, which ensures that all brand and marketing briefs big and small, are driven through to
commercial success.

The benefit of having a Managing Director with professional hands-on-the-tools experience ensures the transfer of real working knowledge
throughout the agency. It also offers the COG Digital service offering great depth and an honest transparent value.

Small businesses can unlock great value from a Sydney branding agency by asking the right questions, fostering a positive working relationship,
and seeking a partner who envisions their success. Together, we’ll create a powerful brand that paves the way for a prosperous future.

Let’s embark on this exciting journey, hand in hand!





COG Digital Agency in the Sutherland Shire are skilled and follow our proven methodology for Google Adwords and Pay Per Click Performance Media.  We follow strict guidelines in accounts are setup, managed and optimised as we know that plays a critical role in success. Performance Media campaigns via the COG Digital team use an inhouse skill-set that combines best practices with our teams experience. Our approach ensures our clients benefit from more precise targeting and leaner costs, producing outstanding results in highly competitive markets.