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  • Security and Protection of Magento (SAPOM!)

    SAPOM! is a Magento website management service provided by COG Digital. We created this service to support any business with a Magento Website that is not equipped with the skills and resources to maintain their digital asset – Put simply we cover you butt from hackers etc…


    Security Audit

    Before we take control of a Magento site we analyse the setup for common and potential issues. Once identified, we resolve these before they cause disruption.

    Core Code Updates

    Magento updates occur regularly, with releases of new versions. These core core updates often upgrade security features to protect against the latest exploitations and security holes.

    Extension Updates

    Extensions improve the functionality of features across the site, but need to be maintained as an outdated Extension can create vulnerabilities for hackers to exploit. These have been responsible for some of the worst security issues in recent years.

    Hosting and SSL

    Our Australian based hosting service is included in the cost. We also renew your domain registration and install an SSL certificate (improving security and SEO setup simultaneously).

    Security Scanning

    Our service includes daily scans for us to detect and resolve any issues and prevent users encountering spam from your site.

    Regular Backups

    Malicious assaults, outdated extensions or even user error can cause irrecoverable loss of data, compromised product inventory and malware so our service includes daily backups of your website code and databases for rapid issue resolution.

    Uptime Monitoring

    Unless continuously monitored, downed sites can go undetected. Our system immediately notifies us if any downtime occurs.

    User Guides

    Also included is free access to our training manuals for Magento to grow in house knowledge.

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    Package Features:

    • Secure and Managed Australian Web Hosting & SSL
    • Core Code Updates
    • Extension Management and Updates
    • Security Scanning
    • Downtime Management (99% Uptime)
    • User Guides and at Call Assistance
    • Back Up Management


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  • SAPOM! Benefits

    • Piece of mind

    • Single accountable supplier

    • Discounted developer time

    Magento is the number one Content Management System (CMS) globally, with over 250 million sites using the platform at time of publishing. It’s no wonder there are so many poorly managed and vulnerable Magento websites in our digital business community.

    The popularity is due to its cost effective development and simplicity of making content changes, but its accessibility makes it a double edged sword.

    More than 30,000 websites are hacked every day, often due to a lack of regular maintenance. When not cared for properly, websites are far more vulnerable to hacking loss of function and even going down with a loss of all data.

    Software updates and security fixes for devices are released all the time, but people often forget to treat their websites with the same care and attention. Magento sites are regularly neglected after launch as many developers move on from their client after the project is finished with little acre for proper aftercare procedures.

    With only 50% of installations running the latest releases – meaning that more than 125 million sites are vulnerable.

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