Are we all feeling the pressure of downward economy?

Are businesses becoming anxious? Are brands getting nervous?

Lately we’ve noticed a trend towards more quantity and less quality with digital marketing, especially digital content. Are we all feeling the pressure of downward economy?

For  COG Digital, this is a quality control conversation. When a brand broadcasts communications with a focus towards volume as opposed to quality – it starts the process of a low quality content circulation, swirling through digital channels, gradually eroding the brands equity. This makes the broadcasting of any premium content a harder task as it’s already competing with it’s own messaging, before it’s even been deployed!

Which is totally ok if you like the volume over margin model. And, can keep feeding that little piggy at the trough, busy gobbling up that content-for-the-sake-of-content farmyard feeding cycle.

At COG Digital we’ve aways tried to launch and manage our clients brands at a premium with a clear set of values and points of differentiation within it’s market position. We believe it’s way easier to treat your audience like business partners and serve them brilliant scheduled and strategic content, as opposed treating them like a little piggy at the trough content.

Even when times get tough, keeping your brand communications at a premium and chin up is way better in the long run, and sets up a sustainable approach to marketing your business and service offers.

Competing on price is no fun, everyone is doing it. So if you brand is nervous and your business anxious – take a breath. Slow it down, get smart, get strategic.

Don’t treat your audience and customers like their a little piggy at the content trough.