COG Digital Agency develop animation services for short film, website content and advertising.

Our Digital Studio designs animations that are served as engaging pieces of communication for our clients that give their audience a memorable experience.


COG Digital have 3D animators to deliver an exciting service which creates works of art including 3D animation, cartoons, sketch and whiteboard animation, motion graphics and more


Our animation projects begin with a strong brief from our Creative Director, and then the animators transform your campaign, ideas, concepts and messages into compelling and engaging video animations.

The COG Digital animation production process is extensive and requires forward thinking, planning and a different approach compared with standard static digital graphics.

Our processes initially begin with extensive client briefing, which is then followed on with our teams briefing. We then rip into some brainstorming and creative think tanking to get some granular details on the client brief. From there we present our concepts to the client, and if all approved we create a script, develop characters and digital creative assets. Following this we storyboard out the whole project or campaign. Then it gets technical with designing the moving parts of each character and asset. With art development and animation things begin to take shape. We add sound effects and voice overs, then review, review, review and deliver!

We’re sure you’ve seen a 3D rendered video or kids animated movie before, the effects are mind blowing. And while 3D animation can come at a greater cost when compared with traditional digital design and graphic styles, animation elevates a commercial campaign to another level, and brings a story to life.