The 20 Dollars a Day Digital Marketing Traffic Plan

Howdy, Luke Sullivan here, head of Growth at COG Digital.

I’d like to introduce you to The 20 Dollars a Day Digital Marketing Traffic Plan.

So, what is The 20 Dollars a Day Digital Marketing Traffic Plan?
It’s a Method of Digital Marketing that Attracts New Business Leads and Customers online using key platforms such as Google AdWords, Google Display Marketing and Facebook Advertising.
And of course, it’s only 20 bucks a day.


The Only Charge Is $20 A Day!

To start, first we will jump on a phone call together for 15 minutes to discuss a few important things like have you had experience with Pay-Per-Click Digital Marketing, and what sort of business you run, plus what sort of leads you require and who are your competitors.

This first phone call weeds out the freebie-seekers.
We only want serious marketers and business owners who need to take action.
We’re all about building relationships and trust, and we know a phone call
gets us together quickly.

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  • Dear Business Builder,
    Do you feel sick your stomach when your ads lose money?
    Have you had small success with Facebook™ Ads or Google AdWords™ but just can’t seem to get your campaigns to scale profitably?
    Or do you want to pull your hair out and scream at Facebook editor because it is seems like everyone else is creating winning ads but you?
    Then stop everything you’re doing and read this right now.
    We’ve spent thousands on Facebook™ or Google AdWords™over the last 12 months and in doing so, we’ve generated a stack of core learning on how digital platforms like Facebook and Google DoubleClick work, compounding each time we’ve deployed a campaign online for our clients.
    Over this time period, we’ve documented the most remarkable secrets for boosting Pay Per Click Ad performance to an astonishing degree. And, the best part in this is that you can directly benefit from our experience.
    The COG Digital secrets to Pay Per Click Ad targeting methods enable The $10 A Day Strategy to unlock direct links to your audience – we link them directly to your messages and offers.
    It’s our job to get “Bang-For-Your-Buck” and skyrocket your business leads from The 20 Dollars a Day Digital Marketing Traffic Plan . COG Digital is focused on saving yourself the time, pain and headaches of “learning” how to use these complicated interfaces and editors effectively.
    All you have to do is book in your Traffic Plan to begin the journey of successful digital marketing in 2018.
    Every second wasted without taking active steps in really driving your business online is another dollar lost to your competitors.


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The 20 Dollars a Day Digital Marketing Traffic Plan is a proven plan.

We’ve structure it as $20 because a business your size can justify that as a daily Marketing Budget. $20 is also easily understood, it’s a relatively small amount of money though enough to make you take notice as you’ll obviously want a return, daily.

The 20 Dollars a Day Digital Marketing Traffic Plan helps your business quickly identify a winning strategy in your industry,
but more importantly, identify the losers that are costing you money.

We have a carefully integrated Paid Traffic Plan that is supported by a
robust Pay-Per-Click Digital Strategy.

  • Testinomials-st-c

    Steve Cope – Director Knockout Pest Control

  • We have worked with COG Digital for a few years now developing online marketing programs and running extensive Google Adwords management. Their strategies are on point resulting on year-on-year growth 3 years running

  • Testinomials-kf

    Karly Foster – Business Development Boystown Dunlea Centre

  • We gave COG Digital a big brief for social media leads, and as a Sutherland Shire charity with not a lot of budget to spend, they nailed it. Strategic thinkers with sound processes in place. They have a lot of knowledge and are willing to share it enabling our team to become better skilled along the way.


• We’ll review your business

• Spy on your competitors

• Analyse your target market

• Analyse your sales processes

• Analyse your 2018 goals

Ready to turbo-charge your business and push your profits?
Book your The 20 Dollars a Day Digital Marketing Traffic Plan Now.